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Test Fractal Generator

How it works

Explore for interesting regions in the plane by entering some values (or using the defaults), and the computer will iterate them and generate a gif image. The origin (0,0) is a high activity area (as long as a, b are raised above .35). a and b are the interesting numbers to play with. For example, try varying a and b by 10%, or compare the result of the defaults to these values (x, y) = (0.6, 0.58), (x_inc, y_inc) = (0.0015, 0.0015), (a, b) = (0.4, 0.389). Or see the result here

Begining X-value (should be les than 2.0)

Begining Y-value (should be les than 2.0)

Increment of X field
(should be small enough so that 200*X_increment is less than 2.0)

Increment of Y field
(should be small enough so that 200*Y_increment is less than 2.0)

Value of a

Value of b
Size of x, y field in pixels

Max number of iterations: 75 150 300

Collaborate with Mozart (allows the option to submit your data to the Mozart Collaborator)

Configure your own color choices.

Mandelbrot Fractals

Visit the User Gallery

The fractal generator as a Java applet.

HTML Color Helper - a utility for finding the right colors for your homepage.

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