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Poor Person's Image Mapper

Enter the address of a gif or jpg image that you would like to create an image map for, and the program will return a page to you with that image. You can then click on the vertices of whatever geometric shapes you want to map URLs to in the image, and the program will return to you the location of your mouse clicks so you can build a map file. Alternatively, you can use it to build a client-side imagemap

The best way to use this utility is to have a crude sketch of what shapes you would like to map on your image, so you can click on the vertices to get the relevant info. Here is an Example Map.

Address of gif or jpg image:

My guide to a Two minute Imagemap. You might be able to use your browser as an imagemapper.

Early versions of Netscape 4 for the Mac return the absolute page location of an image click rather than simply the click location on the image. This appears to me to be a bug in Netscape.

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