Select background and text colors for your homepage using the imagemap or by entering RGB values. The imagemap consists of the 216 colors which are common between the Mac and PC system color palette. Thus if you use those colors, your page should look the same on most people's computer screens. If you'd like to interactively mix your own colors, use the Color Mixer.

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RGB Color Codes
Confused? RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. You can compose any color by mixing various amounts of those colors. Every color available to a computer can be specified by choosing an RGB set of values. To specify a color, simply select a value between 0 and 255 for R, G, and B. For example, White is specified by (255, 255, 255), while Black is (0, 0, 0). Pure Red would be (255, 0, 0), etc.

What is Hex? Why do I need to convert my RGB values to Hex?
Hex, short for hexadecimal, is simply a base 16 numbering system, so that a three digit number (in this case numbers between 0 and 255) can be expressed as a two digit number. To specify the colors for the text and background of your homepages, you need to enter Hex values which represent the RGB values of the colors you like. Web browsers take these numbers as 6 digit (or 6 place) values, with each 2 digits representing the Red, Green, or Blue values. Hex is a notation which mixes letters and numbers. For example, a green background would be (0, 255, 0) in RGB, and 00FF00 in Hex. Browsers understand Hex. I understand how to make colors with RGB. So this program converts the two.

It's also useful for just testing out colors you already know against backgrounds, etc.

I'm checking into a more intuitive way to make colors such as with the HSV method, but I haven't figured it out yet.

If you're interested in making image maps, you might try the
Poor Person's Image Mapper

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