Test Fractal Generator

For a Brief Explanation

Explore for numbers in the Mandelbrot set by entering some values (or using the defaults), and the computer will iterate them and generate a gif image. If you try more than a few times, you may have to hit reload once the result comes up, as your browser thinks it already has the image in its cache and may not update it with each new post (reload solves this).   User Gallery
The defaults are set to show you the typical mapping of the Mandelbrot set on the plane in a box with opposite corners at (-2, -1.5) and (1.5, 1.5). The increment is the "distance" between pixels, so if you double the pixel field, halving the field increment scales the picture proportionately. I would recommend using a pencil and paper to keep track of where in the field you are so you can hone in on an interesting region.

Begining X-value (should be les than 2.0)

Begining Y-value (should be les than 2.0)

Increment of X field
(should be small enough so that 200*X_increment is less than 2.0)

Increment of Y field
(should be small enough so that 200*Y_increment is less than 2.0)

Size of x, y field in pixels

Try your hand at seidel@mendel.berkeley.edu