Backup MoinMoin Wiki

You can backup your wiki in several ways. One easy method is through the web interface. This is especially helpful in case you don't have read access to the data files (some installation methods result in a permission scheme whereby the user may not have access to these).

There are three things required for a web-based backup:

  1. Put yourself in the backup permission list in the configuration file.
  2. Configure what needs to be backed up (see below)
  3. Use the correct backup command. The current moinmoin documentation is wrong, it ways to use action=WikiBackup, whereas the real command is: action=backup



Within the configuration file: you have to specify what gets backed up. By default, the configuration is empty. So put the location of your wiki data directory

    # Where your mutable wiki pages are. You want to make regular
    # backups of this directory.
    data_dir = '/home/user/moin/WikiInstance/data/'


    # What to backup
    backup_include = [data_dir]

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