Ravioli of Fontina and Portobello Mushrooms

3/4 cup grated Fontina
6-8 chopped basil leaves
6-8 baby portobello mushrooms (chopped and sauteed)
1/4 cup Parmesan shavings.

All amounts are relative, I didn't actually measure anything. Mix it up. Make some pasta dough. Stuff some raviolis. Stuffs about 16 raviolis. I stuff them by rolling out a sheet of pasta dough, putting little teaspoon size dollops of filling along the center line, brush around with an egg wash. Fold over to make little half moons. Squeeze out the air with your fingers. I use a water glass to make an impression, and help make a good seal, then I cut out the half moon raviolis with a pizza cutter. When you pick them up, pinch around the cut to finish off the seal. I store them on a small plate. you can store them in the fridge for a few days prior to cooking if desired.

Boil 3 minutes. Serve with pesto and top with more Parmesan shavings. Yummy and light.

Six raviolis makes a good serving size.

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