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Chapter 4

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Like their strong, unexplainable desire for roquefort. Esther
Kates moment lasted, and lasted until the sun began to set. Innevitably she would have to confront her questioning mind. She had so many questions since Grady told her he didn't love her. Before he left, she knew that it wasn't true, but she set him free anyway, always feeling that things were probably not over forever. That he would indeed come back like a lost child. Bu after he left, she went crazy, dating every attractive man she could get her hands on. She was insatiable, and hungrier than ever. Many nights she tossed and turned in her underground tomb, tring to resist the hunger. But soon she would have to tend to the aching need manifesting and spreading to the end of every cappillary in her body. It was a hellish night in June, and the heavy smell of living breathing flesh filled the corridors of the basement. Kate finally gave in and went searching, letting the swelling pain in her stomach lead the way to another weak soul. She found many men who were easily intrigued by her mysterious ways and her stunning, unconventional beauty. And women of extrordinary beauty drew to her lwith what they percieved as lust and curiosity. They all would soon know, Kate was in possession of the night; a dealer prime real estate in limbo. DEEFACE
She ate a pickled herring, and turned into a platypus. She said, "My How Annoying It Is. What A Pickle I Am In. And How Annoying It Is To Talk With Each Letter Of My Words Capitalized. I Imagine Only Jerk-Asses Do This." "Yes, Jesse, you are. You are a Jerk-Ass," said Jesse's inner voice. get a life
She ran screaming from the room. "KIMONO!" she shouted at the top of her lungs... hot potato salad
Her naked body gleamed in the blue light of the moon, which, oddly had an effect like those special lights in Safeway. The ones over the poultry counter. Every goosebump glowed as she fled across the neatly clipped lawn dodging the peonies and the pampass grass and vaulting over the croquet set with its colourful, round hard balls. Now she seemed transparent in her caucasion, melanin challenged body now sillouetted against the lunar orb. She paused to catch her breath. Pod (upside down)
If Her Plan Was To Succeed, She'd Need To Find Some Clothes To Hide Her Glorious Nakedness. As Much As She Liked Romping Through The Sporting Goods Section In The Buff, Certain Uptight People Didn't Find The Natural Look Socially Acceptable In Their Shopping Establishments. During the Course Of The Day, She Accosted Several Patrons And Asked For Their Clothes. Usually This Merited A Call To The Authorities, But She Always Found A Way Out Of Situations Like That. Jesse
Soon it was getting cool as the airconditioning was finally beating hell out of the days heat. My god she moaned I never realized how much you really needed clothing before. There has to be a solution to this dilema i find myself in,on the one hand if i dont stay till past one o'clock I wont get admitted into the sorority of my choice,if i do stay I might have top spend a few weeks in the hospital to recuperate from this ordeal.
She Swore She'd Kill Whoever It Was At The Sorority Who'd Suggested That To Be Admitted Into The Illustrious "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" Sisterhood A Pledge Would Have To Spend The Night Naked In The Old Zombie Overrun Mall On Twelfth Street. Luckily, She Managed To Find A Shotgun And A Box Of Shells Behind The Wood Paneled Counter Of The Sporting Goods Section. Breaking The Stock Down The Middle, She Loaded The Weapon. "Damn.." She Thought To Herself, "It's Only A Doubler.. Only Two Shots And I'll Have To Reload".. She Had To Find Something With A Large Ammo Capacity. Jesse
Xerxes Primate had just finished a double shift at Toxic America, the big waste management facility down in Botulism County. If you asked him he'd say he hated working there, running the relabling machine but the fact was he was 46 years old and only had six large caliber hand guns and four over/under shotguns and an old M-16 to show for 15 years at Toxic America as it was now known. He owed $1400 on the 1981 Izuzu pickup he drove, for the valve job and trannie. "Shit it was hot." Pod

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