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Chapter 4

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Sometimes Xerxes And His Buddy Sophocles Would Go Out Cruising For Chicks In The Izuzu. Sophocles Worked In The Waste Management Facility As Well, But He Hadn't Been There As Long. He Was Still A Lowly Lifeguard. Xerxes Liked Sophocles, But He Had To Admit There Was Something Odd About Him. Maybe It Was His Sallow Complexion, Or Is Apparent Eagerness To Work With Human Waste. It Didn't Matter Much, Though.. Xerxes Wasn't A Very Discerning Person, And Besides, Sophocles Usually Got The Beer Tab. Jesse
Xerxes Primate didn't really mind the fact that he always paid for the beer or the fact that Sophocles McNutt now had a collection of beer tabs that was 182 feet long didn't bother him either. No, his limited attention focused on the naked woman outside looking over his Izuzu. Why was she measuring his box? Where did a naked woman put a tape measure anyways? Pod
"Up yer butt," she said. She added, "And I think your wheels are so unlike my breasts. Your wheels are flat, whereas my breasts are full and voluptuous. See ya later, loser." She flung her long hair behind her, whipping his face in the process, and she sauntered away whistling a ditty. He just stood there staring at her while she walked away from him, stunned beyond belief. kissassik (sideways)
Even Kate was surprised at what she had said. Was it the fact that she was naked that gave her this exhilarating assertiveness? Was it the cool air and the moonlight on her fluorescent skin? Certainly it was a Kate she had never experience before but as she walked away from the confrontation she realised that she needed something to carry the weapons she was going to need. That was it... sheād have to overlook the vinyl upholstery which had made her pass up the Izuzu. She turned and looked back not in anger. She was curious about this guy standing ape-like by the side of the pick-up now some two hundred metres away. "Hey guy, howās about giving a woman a lift?" she called in a deep falsetto. Her words hung in the cool dankness. She heard a door slam, a solenoid click and a pinion scream in a fruitless gesture against the fly wheel. A soft "Shit..." floated out towards her slouching hips. Click, scream - then an asthmatic thunder as the Izuzu struggled to life. A short, whiny reverse then a splatter of gravel on the neighbouring vehicles and Xeres was heading towards her. Kate quivered in anticipation. Pod (upside down and backwards)
Kate Always Quivered When Large Trucks Barreled Down On Her. At The Last Possible Second Before Impact She Rotated On Her Heal And Escaped The Bone Jarring Impact That Would Have Seriously Injured Her, If Not Killed Her. In An Unaccustomed Fit Of High Spirits, She Couldn't Resist Yelling "Ole!" Jesse
Ole is her special, little word for comforting herself. Kate used it when she felt "the change" coming on, it was an especially powerful change this time as indicated by the fact that every word in the opening sentences was capitalized. vanblah
Xerxes was totally perplexed and embarrassed as the Izuzu careened past Kate. Heād forgotten about the brakes he was going to get repaired when he got paid next Thursday. He had paid off the cost of the respirator that Toxic America had forced him to buy through payroll deduction and he was looking to putting the money on the Izuzu. The fake leopard spot seat covers at Wal Mart would look pretty neat. Meantime, the Izuzu had stopped on the incline at the end of the lot, Xerxes pulled hard on the wheel and spun the aging vehicle around and moved toward Kate, this time in first gear. He came to a slow stop about 2 metres from her glistening flanks. "Sorry about that·you move real nice though, you need a ride?" he said in slow country manner. Kate though that this took real nerve after nearly running her down but she didnāt have much choice at the moment. "You got something to cover that vinyl soās I donāt stick?" she said hoping she sounded "smart casual" as they used to say on the invitations at the country club. Xerxes placed some old sweat pants on the seat and Kate stepped into the next phase of her life. Pod

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