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Chapter 2

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Weird Harry made an appointment with his acupuncturist/psychiatrist who prescribed herbs, antidepressants, and large doses of Taco Bell Gorditas for him. He WAS feeling pretty depressed lately, what after the murder, his lack of recognition at the animal artists' community, and his chronic physical cravings. The Gorditas seemed to be working, especially if he dosed them with the hottest hot sauce he could find. One day, as he stood at the counter, ordering his regular six Gorditas (supreme) and an iced tea with LIME, his interest was picqued by a short rotund woman who was busily wrapping tacos in thin paper. Her delicate hands, encased in latex gloves, caressed the recyclable packaging and made him hot. big_bertha
The world started to move very slowly as Weird Harry watched in awe as the short rotund woman, Tormanetta, to her friends, wrapped the tacos. He began to perspire, and felt faint. "Excuse me sir? Are you alright? Have another Gordita." The Taco Bell Dog of Mexican Persuasion looked up at him. Weird Harry collapsed, and Tormanetta smiled an evil grin. Shasta
Then some strange old lady wobbled in holding an old shotgun. "Havya seen some Natzeh squrl 'round heah? Hez got ma locket an... hey, whut da hell is y'all doin' messin' 'bout on ma properteh?" The others just gaped at Grandma Pearl. Tormanetta picked her nose and put newfound treasure in her taco. Grandma Pearl piped up and said, "Doncha be pickin' yo nasty buggahs in ma face, misseh. Ama kick yo ass, all yahz." Then she spat on her hands, cocked her shotgun and fired at the intruders, killing them all with a shower of rusty old bullets. "Hah," said Grandma Pearl. "Iz still got it in meh. Now, whar da hell iz dat damn varmint." She wobbled away into the sunset. Meanwhile... splice girl
Meanwhile, back on the farm, Mullajoo ate bacon. He thought he was the only survivor on earth, but then a little elephant called fluffy (he knew this my the clairvoyant abilities brought by lack of water) ran into his kitchen. 'Hello.' Said fluffy. 'Go away.' said Mullajoo. 'What kind of name is Mullajoo?' 'What kind of name is fluffy?' 'I want Milk Duds.' Now they were companions on journey to find milk duds, a journey that would lead ll the way to the grocery store !!!! Later they watched some television, but all they could find was some program about a girl who ran around screaming, "Kimono!!" back to chapter 1
Kimono suddenly walked into their room, screaming "some girl is after me!!". maxi
The lights flickered briefly and the phone rang. No one moved. There was a knock at the door, followed by some shuffling noises emanating from the supposedly vacant apartment above. Shasta
Suddenly, Josie Sue's button popped off her shirt and flew across the room and hit Barton in the nose. Her boobs, recently encapsulated in a tight green silk shirt, were now loose and exposes. Barton, at first shocked by a button hitting his nose, opened his eyes wide to stare at Josie Sue's breasts. He had never been attracted to her. She was rather matronly looking, with a hawkish nose. She wore too much makeup, which only emphasized what an unattractive woman she was. But now, looking at her middle-aged breasts left hanging heavily like erotic ripe fruit on her slender rib cage, he felt aroused. It didn't help that his soon-to-be ex-wife sat next to him, holding his hand in fear. No one knew who was at the door, no one knew who was calling. They were imprisoned here in some bizarre surreal circumstance. But Barton wondered if his wife sensed his erection, if she sensed that he was turned on. The others in the room didn't seem to react to Josie Sue's display. Fear kept their eyes riveted on shoes, pant legs, and sprouting hairs on exposed ankles. But Barton--he kept his eyes glued to a promise posing as naked breasts on an older woman's chest in a room where people were paralyzed by the unknown. busty_heart
|As the air conditioning began to fail , all the captives began to fear that their time here was not meant to be pleasant. As the hours passed and the temperature rose, each in turn began to loosen their clothing in an attempt to remain comfortable. Finally their attention was taken off the rising heat when the water began to flow under the door. Ann, the redhead, began to tremble and jumped up on the table. Fred, the construction worker, began to roll in the watter on the floor in an attempt to cool off. Mary, the blonde, ( I think it was colored) began to complain about the mess Fred was making . Yet all the while no one noticed the camera, descreetly desguised as one more, in the long series of large bolts that protruded from the wall. popfzz

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