If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 7

     The Story The Authors
Unfortunately the zoxetfas were still on boar. They now couldn't get Janice and Joel though because they (the people, not the lizards) were in suspended animation. Then one named aAeIa was playing with the controls. She mae the ship head straight for a black hole, and the sheilds were down and the ship was firing at itself! aAeIa didn't knoww this, so she kept puncing buttons. The suspended animation turned off. Janice and Joel found themselves sealed in the now nonfunctional suspended animatio pods and realized that... Carolyn (eAeOaue)
They were about to Go into the blak hole! They climbed out of the pods and ran to the control room but they where to late. Just then, Valerie
Janice fired a laser beam at the black hole, which killed the black hole. All the things that got sucked into he black hole before came spewing out and hit the ship. A cow suddenly burst through the airlock into the cabin, and... Carolyn
got sucked back out as the cabin explosively decompressed. Joel managed to force the inner airlock door closed, and Janice turned on the emergency air supply to re-fill the cabin. But now their outer airlock door was smashed (by the cow), so they needed to find a planet to land on, to repair the outer door. Sandy
Just then, Valerie burped. The explosive force of gases destroyed the whole solar system, and blasted Janice & Joel's space ship to a planet filled with the Ezoyms, freindly aliens and skilled mechanichs. Unfortunately.... Carolyn
Valerie turned into Marvin the marchin And said "I'mgoing to blow up the universe.(UUUURRRRRRPPPPPP) TIME FORE NEW STORY! VALERIE
Actually, the aliens of Ezoym didn't trust Janice and Joel, who decided to... Carolyn
Josie stared at the story she had written. Gold, sex, love, and more. It was incredibly disgusting. Josie sighed. She heard a knock on the door. She answered it, and she couldn't believe who it was.
"Datty!" she yelled excitedly as she answered the doorbell. Her father laughed.
"Has all that writing got to your head? Sweetie, spit it out." her father encouraged her.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed. Her father laughed again. She grinned. Her boyfriend Shawn walked down the steps.
"Jo, what in the world." he stopped short when he saw Josie's dad. "Oh, sorry, Mr. Weinfilt, but we do that." Josie's dad laughed.
" No problem." Josie's father replied. "I'd be on my way now." Josie and Shawn waved good-bye. Shawn looked at Josie. He bent down and looked up at her.
" Josephine Weinfilt, will you marry me?" Shawn asked her. Josie's eyes glowed with delight and nodded yes. Two weeks after the honeymoon.............
Janice woke up. She had been dreaming that she was a young and beuatiful girl again. Then she realized - she was in an Ezoym bed. A young Ezoym girl with 6 arms was leaning over her. "You okay?" asked the girl, whose name was Kemovy. "You just blacked out when we said we didn't trust you." "Oh that," said Janice, "it was nothinng much." She sat up and realizd that not only did Kemovy have 6 arms, she had 3 eyes and 4 legs, and so did all the other natives of the planet Ezoym. "What I really need is to find my son and get my ship fixed," said Janice. "The latter has already been accomplished," stated Kemovy, "but you may not see your son yet because..." Carolyn (Vetazum)
"You will have to pay for the spare parts we used to fix your ship. Since you have no Teubrula to play for our services and parts, you will be required to work till it's payed for" Kemovy instructed. "Please understand, I can't just give you parts and free service", Kemovy said. "We have need of a Quintara Mate in the entertainment section, level 2". "I will instruct you how to perform Gezelfok, which is the primary duty of a Quintara Mate". "Besides this prime duty, you will be also assigned to serve Bluka Gel to all the patrons, clean the Yucfalk from all patrons that have enchanced the Gezelfok which you performed and other misc duties". "Gezelfok is a simple procedure used to please all patrons. With your two hands, you must rub both Enchor Folicals simultaniously, understand that you must be gental, or the partrons may get angry, tip lousy or kill you, depending upon how bad you perform this". Janice spoke up "are you telling me I'm giving a hand job to a bunch of bar slobs that spooge all over the place, that's discusting". Kemovy interupted "Similar, only different, you want your ship back right... if you perform Gezelfok well with good tips, you could make enough in two nights. "Lets go" Kemovy said. Janice could only follow and hope that things went quick. Bret

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