If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 7

     The Story The Authors
Paula's Palace of Pillows and were greeted by a crowd of curious onlookers. Hoomi Noyou
One onlooker named Betsy Bubbles walked up and asked, "Who be you?" frying pan
Janice looked around, mouth full of feathers. Her eyes bloodshot, half open, wondering if this was heaven or hell. Her son, finally found a place to releive himself, near the b153 model "superior comfort" pillow sale. Janice could only look around in amazement, as the sweater she earlier had discarded fell upon Betsy killing her instanty due to the tremendious force of the reentry velocity. Glen, the assistant manager at the time, came toward Janice. "Excuse me miss", he exclaimed in a soft voice, "you ARE going to have to pay for that", saying in a nerdy, yet stern voice. After the ordeal she had just been thru, Janice had something to say, she said... Bret
"I just have one thing to say to you!" But before Janice could finish, an old man ran up to the remains of Betsy Bubbles, waved his fists in the air and yelled, "Oh Betsy! Oh my poor Betsy babe! Someone has burst my Bubbles!!" Such a tragedy, too. It seems Betsy Bubbles was the main attraction at the Jolly Jiggler, a local strip joint down the street. "Uh...I didn't do it," was all Janice could say. Then she turned to Glen the assistant manager and said Sean
"Listen you little pencil neck geek, I've had one hell of a day, all starting with my son having to take a piss!", Janice Barked. "I've got one hell of a sun burn, I have this Segorney Weaver do to deal with, my son the brain child doesn' t know the difference between pork-n-beans and spagetti and my tits hurt!", Janice continued. "Now if you want me to pay for that damn pillow, I want to see you take it from me you little prick", Janice stood up towering over Glen. Glen's forhead began to form beads of sweat. Glen said... bret
"Umm, Miss, I'm so sorry.." As Glen swallowed, Janice could see his Adam's apple jump about a foot. "Of course...no... the pillow is yours." He turned away from Janice...hoping she would leave, hoping she would just take the damn pillow and leave...but she wouldn't. She wasn't done yet. Glen turned back around. The knuckles of Janice's left hand caught him on the right side of the face, her diamond ring leaving a deep gash in his flesh. "You forgot my change, you bastard!" And she thought to herself: That's how I'm going to take care of that little bitch Sigourney Weaver too! rebel
A while laater Janice met up with Joel again. "Mom," said Joel, "Why are those policemen chasing us?" "Oh those damnn bitches", said Janice, "Why can't those crappy %&$ leave us alone?" "Mom! You know better than to talk like that!" "Oops," Janice slapped her hand over her moutth, remembering that she had talked that way to Glen as well. "I don't know," she saaid very truthfully, "what came over me." Just then a policeman with huge bulging eyes came over. "You're charged with making illegal movements," he said. "WHAT?" askd Janice. The policeman replied, "There's a new law which says you can't swing your hips around. It offends some people you see." Then another policeman with huge, batlike ears came over. "You're also charged," he said, "for using swear words and calling the POLICE bitches." A policeman with a nose that looked more like a hugge red Nerf ball than a nose came over. "You're also charged with not taking a bath in 2 days. You smell AWFUL!" Thn a policeman with his tongue hanging out of his mouth came over and said, "You're charged with eating at MacDonalds!!" he said. "HEY," said Janice, "MacDonalds isn't illegal!" "But it serves terrible food!" "SO?" Janice was turning purple with aanger. A policeman with bright green skin came over and said, "You have to stay in jail for 6 weeks, pay $4 590, and if anyone ever wants to sue you, they win." [evil laughter from all policemen] NO! Janice wanted to scream. She couldn't go to jail. Suddenly... Carolyn
there was a movement at the window. Janice lookes up and did'nt make a thing of it: A big and roundeyed Owl sat on the sill and had a funny looking paper in its clows. The owl seemed to laugh... Tomcat

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