If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 7

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Joel decided there must be a bathroom somewhere on Earth, so he had to get back, but how? He had to re-enter to do that. Space suits weren't built for re-entry. Joel pondered THIS, and decided to Carolyn
Joel decided to construct a reentry shield made from a pack of chewing gum, a condom, some freeze dried spagitti and his lucky stone. Joel proceeded to chew the entire pack of gum. He wrapped the freeze dried spagetti and rock in the condom. He held his breath, and placed all the contents outside into space.Joel then formed the gum into a octgonical web he learned into quantum physics. He placed the condom pack at the front of the newly created apparatus. The coldness of space froze the gum almost instantly. Joel gracefully performed the pee pee dance in the direction of earth, ready for reeentry. He knew the contents of the condom, once heated past 1000 degrees, would melt over the gum shape, creating a shield, once the freeze dried spagetti was spread out enough, it would super cool the rock back into a solid. Bret
Janice was pleased that her brainiac son Joel, who was only 9, passed quantum physics and was able to construct such an apparatus. And what a creative use of the condom, she thought. She happily preoccupied herself with the wonders of latex and sheepskin when she noticed something strange. Bella Naughty
The freeze dried spagetti really wasn't spagetti, it was pork-n-beans. "My God" Janice thought as they began there accelerating plunge toward the earth. "The freeze dried pork-n-beans won't withstand reentry, the chemical bond won't adhere to the latex. Their speed began to increase even more, both tucking behind the bubblishous trojan shield. "What would happen next", Janice thought to herself as they began to see the glow of friction from the atomosphere began to heat the shield. bret
They continued down through the atmosphere. Once 5 muinits had passed, Janice had an itchy sunburn which was getting worse. Flames began to lick through the bubble-gum walls, which were not protected by stone like they should be, as the crimson glow around them turned brilliant orange. Part of Janice was going, "Wow, God can sure do amazing things," but most of her was going "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELP IM GONNA DIE!". Fortunalely, her mouth didn't do anything. Joel was so shaked up that he didn't remember most of quantum physics, but he tried to convert his shirt, hat, and a bit of string into a parachute. All the parachute did was catch on fire. So did Janice's hair, and Janice screamed. Her once beuatiful, waist-length rich blonde hair was now a scrawny mass of ashes! Well thank goodness her hair and the parachute were the only things that had caught fire so far. Just then Carolyn
Just then, Janice's breast implants began to resonate from the x band waves that echo at this height in the atmosphere. The resonating waves began to form a pocket just below the gum sheild and started to protect the 2 from the heat of the re-entry. Janice couldn't help but orgasm from the sensations, he held onto her son tight and hoped for the best, this was one hell of a way to go out, he didn't know if she was cuming or going. A rogue weather ballon that just appeared under them, caught onto the ends of what was left of the parachute, there accelerating plunge to earth began to slow, they wern't falling as fast, but not safe enough speed to land without breaking more that a few bones. We need to lighten the weight up son, get rid of everything you can, we need to lighten the load, as Janice began disrobing. Bret
Then Janice decided she shouldn't undress, because their "ship" might crash in the middle of some people. After throwing her entire collection of Scrunchies and both space suits overboard, plus a heavy sweater Joel had been wearing, Janice realized that there was no weight except for the space ship itself, herself, and Joel, they were falling slow enough that there was no air friction, and yet they would still probably break their necks when they creash-landed on Earth. Luckily, they crash-landed at a place called Carolyn

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