If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 6

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No their troubles were not over, Janice and Joel were caught in a Past Releiver Room! It makes selected things happen all over again! But this one was malfunctioning! Suddenly Fluffy the elephant ran into the room, screaming, "I WANT MILK DUDS!!" Then Joanna, Ramona, and Kim ran into the room "Help save us!" and the monsters ran in too. Kerk chased in Jane Brownum and killed her on the spot, blood and guts were everywhere. Then 65 HIV positive heroes ran in and leaped off the fire escape to their grisly doom. Carolyn walked in and started reading everyone's minds and taking notes on their thoughts. A Russsian nuclear strike flattened the whole city except for the PRR room everyone way in. Suzie walked out of the remains of Joel's Coffee Shop and looked for a girl. Deter and Gloria ran away from Pwuirzpalred the Wizard because he looked like an old goat. A lady walked in and went through a time cave to George Washington's time. Reignald, Fluffy, and Harry made a movie together. Hogo Fogo escaped from jail. Sam and Steve danced naked in the hall. Liz made a bra out of toilet paper. Moses supposed that his toes were roses. Darth Vader collided with Luke. Kristi changed into Franny and back again. Dianne ate a Jyzzbablik fruit. Terrence sneezed and his nose flew off his face. The Prom Queen went on a rampage. Janice and Joel were very confused, all these people were supposed to be long dead. Just then the PRR room exploded. Janice and Joel, being far away from the computer console, didn't die, but got rocketed to... Carolyn
a space station in geosynchronous orbit over the former PRR. The station was an abandoned observatory. Through one of its telescopes, they saw that nothing was left down below, the Russian nuclear strike having finished off everything that used to be there. They found a second telescope pointing off into deep space. They had a lot of fun looking around, but after a few hours they spotted somthing unusual moving toward them from the orbit of Saturn... Sandy
It was a huge comet! It was in a collision course with the earth! Janice and Joel had to stop it, BUt how? Joel started punching some buttons on the console, and Janice screamed!!!! They were going into re-entry!!! A pinkish glow formed around the space station. Oh God please, thought Janice, which one is the button that turns on the heat sheilds? Is it the blue button?The black one? The crimson/yellow striped one? She started to swert, but just then.... Carolyn
Her elbow bumped a gold button on the console. They both fell over as the ship lurched wildly. They had gone out of re-entry! They were still in space! Janice pressed a button shaped like a lazer gun. The space station fired and missed! The comet streaced towards earth. It was way out of fireing range now. suddenly Joel had an idea..... Valerie
He pressed a small hexagonal red button. The space station lurched again as it went into a fast-moving whatchamacallit orbit around the earth, which is an orbit no one's ever been in, so they didn't bother to name it. Soon they crashed into te comet, which moved the comet 60 out of it's course and made it miss the earth. But the force of it made the cabin depressurize! Janice put a space suit on but Joel was only 9, he was too small to fit in a space suit. Always a quick thinker, Janice decided to Carolyn
jumped in the suit with him... Mr Yeep
Floating and falling Janice lost consciousness. The cold night air gave Joel the urge to pee, but he couldn't do it here in the space suit. Where do you find a loo in outer space he pondered. elixer of life

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