If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 6

     The Story The Authors
Dianne must either die by eating the poisoned fruit of the Jyzzbablik tree, or search the Earth for the best apple pie recipe that ever existed. Dianne didn't want to do either, and she cursed at Terrence telepathically for getting her into this mess. She fidgeted restlessly in her cell and decided she had to get out of there and fast! Being poisoned was one thing, but having to search the Earth for the best apple pie recipe? Her dead sister Kristi didn't even know how to bake lasagna, and Dianne was even worse in the kitchen (she once burned water). She wondered who would come to save her as she surveyed her containment. Sean
Just then she saw a light; a weird glimmering figure that looked strangely familiar was sitting in the corner of her cell. "M..mom?" asked Dianne. The angel shook her head. "Kr-rist-ty?" asked Dianne, shivering from fear and cold. "I-It-t c-can-n't-t b-b-be!" Kristi had been dead for so long. Kristi's angel was silent. Then it said "Farewell, sister!" in Kristi's voice, shimmered and dissappeared, and suddenly, Dianne knew what she must do. The next morning's processions were grim. Kristi was taken, still chained up, to the poisonoud Jizzbablik tree. She was given one of its fruits. Savoring her last moments. Then she took a bite. Millions watched in horrer as she fell to the ground, twitched for some seconds, and then all fell silent. Dianne was dead. But everyone knew, it took hours to die from just one bite of Jyzzbablik fruit. The next day, the cheif of 5that tribe claimed to have seen Dianne again, as she, now shimmering as if merely an image, placed the best apple pie recepie in the world on his doorstep. All was well with the people of Rissing Moon from that day on. But all was not well with Janice, Joel, and Terrence because Carolyn
they all had a nasty case of fungalitous of the nose. Which causes a persons nose to fly off their face when they sneeze. Fungalitous (or more commonly known as "flying nose syndrome") also causes the ill person to sneeze at least 10 times a day. Janis, Joel, and Terrence are having a terrible time with "flying nose syndrome" because they all share the same apartment and they always seem to be around one another when a sneezing fit comes on. Occassionally Joel and Terrence have gotten their noses mixed up. Janis has been lucky, so far. Her nose is smaller than Joel's or Terrence's nose. She usually gets her nose back every time. Joel believes that Janis's friend Clara Belle Peabody gave "f.n.s." to all of them. When she was at the apartment, she kept whiping her nose on her sleeve and then whiping her sleeve on their things. Terrence doesn't think it was Clara Belle and her runny nose that gave them "f.n.s.". He and Janis think that it must have been when Cleatus Podunk came over to Justine
wash the dishes, because that was when everyone caught flying nose syndrome and their noses kept flying off their faces. Janice, Joel and Terrence decided to get rid of their flying nose syndrome but they found out that the only way to do that was to replace it with an HIV syndrome, which causes AIIDS. Just then, a lady with black hair and a short red dress visited them. "I'm your new doctor." she said. "I've discovered a cure for AIDS." Janice had an idea then. She asked the doctor to replace Janice's and Terrence's and Joel's FNS syndrome with an HIV syndrome, and then cured them of AIDS by Carolyn
doing something nobody has ever thought of before, which I won't discuss here because it's too long and involved, and kind of gives this story a weird twist anyway. So Janice, Joel, and Terrence were cured of their nasal problems. Still, Janice wondered what ever became of her daughter, Dianne, who was last seen cavorting with some tribe in Peoria. "Didn't you know she died from eating poisoned fruit, Mom?", asked Terrence. Joel added, "Yeah, let's face it, it's time to let go and move on..." "So they say, but I've also heard she was spotted in several different places days after her death!" Janice just couldn't believe Dianne was dead. Then, a strange knocking was heard at the front door. "Go see who it is, would you Joel?" asked Janice. "I've got a headache." So Joel opened the door, and to his surprise, standing there was Bella Naughty

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