If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 5

     The Story The Authors
"OK," the commander said. "Zpoft, you have a reassignment. I want you to come back onto the Death Star." By the way, the commander's name was Darth Vader. He had gone back in time to destroy the Rebel Alliance where it had originated, on a planet called Earth in a new mysterious galaxy."Zpoft," said Darth Vader, "Come back to the Death Star and help me destroy the Rebels." Carolyn
Darth then returned to the Death Star to help Zpoft. Behind Darths dark mask was a hideous face, than very many are allowed to see. Darths son, Lukous Floorhopper, was upon the rebel base on the planet Blito P-3, or Earth. Lukes friends R3-d3, and C4PO lived in a space trailor. The X-wing sitting outside was getting rusty so they decided to grease it up. They jumped inside, and flew off. They crash landed in a swamp inhabited by The Great Moldy Yogert. Lukous had the Great Moldy Yogert teach him the powers of the Shwartz. Yet the swampy water in the X-Wings engines wouldn't let them fly away. So The Great and Moldy Yoget pulled the ship out of the yucky water. They then flew back into the outter space. The Great Mold Yogert!!!
Meanwhile, back on the Death star, Darth Vader was all ready to destroy the Earth, and the Alliance. "Fire at will!" he said. Commander Zpoft pulled out his blaster and shot Liutenant Will. "No, no," siad Darth Vader. He smiled behind his mask. "I meant, fire at earth." Carolyn
He then farted and killed Commander Zpoft By the deadly gas! Homer-j
He then farted and killed Commander Zpoft By the deadly gas! Homer-j
But alas! All was not as it had first appeared, Commander Zpoft held the secret amulent that allowed him to be immune to bodily gases. lollypop
Just then Foba Bett the bounty hunter appeared and shot Commander Zpoft. He took the amulet and left the Death Star. "Oh dear", thought Darth Vader, "Now I will have to get a replacement. No one else could have destroyed Planet Bofa-64 [Earth], and the Alliance with it, with the same zeal as Zpoft. Maybe I will do it myself." But even as he said this he felt a pang of sorrow. Maybe his son, Luke, was down there. Maybe even his daughter Leia. But the Emporer had commanded Darth Vader to do this, and it would crtianly end the rebel alliance. Just then Moff Gorfa appeared before Vader. "We're beginning assault on earth." "Hold your fire!" said Darth Vader. "I'm sorry, my lord," replied Gorfa, "but I've already given the command to destroy the planet." Darth Vader strangled him. He then got into his LIE fighter. Meanwhile, Luke, who had finished his Jedi training with The Great Moldy Yogurt, got into his X-thing to destroy the Death Star. Little did he know that he was on a collision course with his father....... Carolyn
This man was an very old fashioned guy. He sat in his little garden with nicely synthisized flowers and looked dreamily in an fine corktree which was made from never used parts of a vacuum cleaner sich was initially meant for the Enterprice ship all the years ago. He cuffed and looks in a disappointed way at his son. Mariemarie
Gee that last writer was weird. Well anyway Darth Vader is in his LIE fighter and Luke is in his X-thing and they are on a collision course around the Death Star which in 5 seconds will destroy the earth. Luke had closed his eyes and was concentrating on the Force. When he opened them AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH he screamed he was about to crash into his father's fighter....... Carolyn
Everyone watched in horrer as Luke's X-thing and Darth Vader's LIE Fighter collided right in front of the Death Star's deadly laser beam..... Carolyn
Then everyone shouted in horror as the combination of the three created a giant lizard and Monkey mixed. It breathed fire and had fangs 5 feet long. It was horrible it ate Luke in one chomp and was still hungary. So then It breathed its fire upon the death star making it into a great shicobob! xrayhuman
So everyone was happy. The Imperials were happy that the monster ate Luke Skywalker, the Rebels were happy that the Death Star had turned into a giant shishkebab (did I spell it right?), the monster was happy because it ate the giant Death Star/shishkebab and wasn't hungry anymore, and everyone else was happy because..... well...... they were always happy. If everyone is happy I think the story is over. so THE END. P.S. Darth Vader was happy too, he got major surgery and could finally walk around without that crazy mask. Carolyn

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