If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 4

     The Story The Authors
"What the hell...how Can I go to work", thought O.J. I don't have a job! Maybe I'll go see what Nicole is up too....no I can't do that! I will go to Mickey D's for preakfast at 4AM, I hope they open early.. When he arrived the waitress says we have pancakes muffins cornbread wheatbread frenchtoast regular coffee or black and OJ we are out of the back kind but have plenty of the Orange! So what do ya want it to be? ChaCha
Look, the OJ thing is just a tad old, don't you think? Change of story. . . Kate really liked this guy named Aaron*, but he was going out (for the second time after a horrid break-up) with Liz*. Kate was sure Liz was not right for Aaron, but there was nothing she could do. Then one day, while Kate was standing in the back of the church, she noticed Aaron walking towards her. He looked her way, smiled and went to walk past her. "Wait," she said, "She'll never make you happy." Aaron frowned, "And you would?" he asked. Kate slyly smiled as she opened the door to the woman's bathroom, "Come in and find out." she said. Aaron walked slowly towards her and. . . Oops. . . forgot to say this: * means, names have been changed so if someone I know reads this, they'll never know that it was really about someone that they know or maybe even really about me. Anyways, continue the story tekaforever
Aaron walked slowly towards her and into that place of acrid ammonia smells littered with spent wrappings. "Mmm, just my idea of a romantic interlude." he whispers under his breath. Liz trips around the corner. "oops, gosh, I hope red wine doesn't stain..." Joy Liz
"Yuck!!" said Liz. "Red wine in the washroom?" Disgusted, she grabbed it out of Aaron's hand and poured it down the toilet. "See?" said Kate."She'll never make you happy." Aaron was very confused until... Carolyn
he realized that they were actually on the set of a television sitcom. "Hey," he said,"You should pulled one off on me. Now it is my turn!" melodyangel

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