If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 4

     The Story The Authors
So naturally I went and tried to save some people. But I didn't get far because everything around me was burning, on fire. I'm still sitting in that tree, wondering how to get away. Oh cool this guy is walking through the flames. Oh no he has a 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999.999999999999999 power gun and wow cool its so big HELP ITS POINTED AT MEUuyf,j,m,hf (later) OK now I'm in this really weird place. I'm not sure if it's Heaven, Hell, or some place in between. I got here so fast, I didn't even feel anything. I guess that's the thing about 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999.999999999999999 power guns. They're so powerful you don't feel the ZAP. Anyway I'd better tell what happened since I left off. Carolyn
i was in the middle of singing a song when this guy came up w/ that huge gun pointed right at me. how was i going to get out of this one? CRISSI
I jumped out of the tree and ran. I even ran on top of the fire. I ran all the way home and locked the door, but the man with the gun was still there. So I Carolyn
Hide I said to my self it was the only thing I could think to do. I was so scared I could be dead Any second. So I hid. And fingerlittle
I peeked out from under the bed. Yikes, he was still here. With his gun. Say who was this guy anyway? Well I couldn't ask him. He'd shoot me. Oh what the heck maybe if he did that I could go to Heaven real quick. Or maybe not. He started to turn his head. This decision would shape my destiny. Should I duck back under the bed? Carolyn
Kelly stepped up to Gracie. "Maybe we should go." she said. Gracie gave her a look. " Fine,fine!" Kelly's nose went straight into the air. Gracia stomped away. Gracia was the most popular and beautiful girl in Greatiguede High. Kelly, referring to Gracie, was just a 'tag along'. Kelly was known as Kel, and Gracina was always 'the Grace'. Kel collected Beanie Babies. She had exactly 306 beanie babies. Kel went home. " Hi, Gracie." Kel picked up her small stuffed swan. "Oh, Gracie." Kel hugged her. " Too bad you aren't alive." Kel sighed. "Well, I am." Kel dropped the beanie baby. Samantha rolled over. What a weird dream! She stepped out of bed. At school.......... " Hi, Sam." She looked up. "Oh, hi, Steve." Sam planted a kiss on his cheek. In Steve's room............ Sam started dancing with Steve. Slowly, Steve started to take off Sam's shirt. Then he unhooked her bra. Sam pulled down her pants and underpants. Steve pulled down his pants. It was just Sam who was totally naked. Steve just had a shirt and underpants on. Sick Girl
It was then that, without warning the police barged into the room, knocking the door completely of its hinges. "NOBODY MOVE YOU LOWLIFE SCUM" shouted one of the police officers, while another opened fire, killing both sam and steve. " shit, wrong house" said the first officer. Martin Burn
The police arrested themselves and sent themselves to jail for life. none
Unbeknownst to them, they were put in a cell with master criminal Hogo Fogo, who was plotting a masterful escape from the maximum security prison. amelia
Hogo Fogo killed all the prison workers, without sounding the alarm. Then everyone got out of prison. The Unabomber blew up the White House and OJ Simpson got the President's Wife, who was outside. All the other criminals did equally evil things. It was total chaos until....... Carolyn
Samuy sosa came he was famouse in a lot of stuff when oj took te the first wife. samy went and ran after him and got her back there was a lot to do now. he brought the first wife to a safe place called the............................. fingerlittle
It was called the Death Place because it was haunted by zombies. Every hour they would come out and prey on anything that had ventured into the death place. O.J. went to work. He tied up the first wife and ran away. Just then, it was 4:00. Carolyn

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