If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 4

     The Story The Authors
I thought for a instance should I ? Or would it be to stupid and get my self in trouble I was so scared it was horer! I thought to my self you will be ok you will be ok. I was not ok though! figerlittle
Well would this be what i hoped it would be oh PLEASE OH PLEASE It was the only thing I could say in my head. WEll It was the worst I thought At that hopur of the time. I realy I realy I realy Hope it was my brother. I realy hope It was . Eyes were pering at me now. I was so scared it was not him. Oh please let it be him oh please. I thought that so many times. Oh he is getting closer and closer. I hoped that he would tern on the light and just say time to wake up.. p/y/h/u/i/t/a
and see my dog none
I'd love to see my dog. Wait a muinite I don't have one! I don't have one! I don't ave one! I don'tve one! I don'e one! I don one! I doone! I dne! I e! I! Am I going crazy or not? WhirlCrazy
Of course I am not crazy just confused...if only.... none
i could work out none
So I went to the GYM. none
This story does not make any sense. There is Gary,Russel,Kate,and a guy who likes his dog soooo much so that he went to the GYM. Naila
-Never call an umpire a 'blind asshole', never say 'because i said so to a kid with a gun', Never wish a bingo player good luck, never a MLB pitcher a dickhead, Never spit on the pope's shoes. - Never piss into a light socket, Never scratch your head with a chainsaw, never throw pebbles at a military office, Never whip your dick out in front of a nympho. - Never stick salami up your rear end, never stick a fork in there either, Never visit any town called castration. Naila
Never screw with one eye closed and one eye open, for you will see only half of what you want. James Remington
Half of what you want is right, Every one should know that now. Never never clairissa
never ever again will I tell that to anyone again. . .I mean, please!! I told her not to tell, but did she listen? Nope, not for a second. Was it always her plan to ruin my entire life? Guess so tekaforever
hmm...was all i thought... ihatestudman(gary)
was the day clear and hot or was a storm building upon the horizon.. Reid
A storm was building up on the horizon! DUH! Carolyn
it eyed in on the innocent. they watched and they waited. children cried as parents prepared. for their inevitable doom. surflaguna
The end of time had come. . .it mattered not now who had believed in post- millinium, becuase here it was happening now. I had always believed in pre- millinium and was glad to see I was right, however I was not so thrilled to see that the truth was that I was stuck here on earth while my Christian friends were wisked to Heaven. I could hear screams all up and down the road and I watched as cars collided with one another, becuase at least half were driverless now. The man the whole world had turned to now was on the TV screen telling us all that he was Christ (so this guy's the anti-Christ). I all of a sudden wish I'd went with my friends to church and belived in being a Believer. . . Marge
But my wishing could do nothing for me now. It had taken the end of the world for me to believe, and know it was too late for me. Would I be condemmed to Hell, or would I walk the word eternaly with all of the others who had not seen the light of Christ? As I walked the streets filled with the screams of the people trapped in the burning cars, a man stepped in front of me. He was old and wrinkled with frosty-white hair, and a beard that reached his stomach. He told me: I am but a servant of God. I have been chosen to lead the ones who did not belive to the way of God. I am one of the seven that have been chosen by the Lord. Follow me and you shall be redemed. Blue Star
I could do nothing but follow him because I deperately wanted to get to heaven. I wanted to roam the skies with other fellow christians.The old man took me to a tree in the nearby park that was burning.The whole park was on fire except for this magnificent tree. It was completely protected from the fire,the only dry spot in this park of flames.The man bade me to sit under this tree with him. He started by telling me that I had to wash away my sins.....in other words,do something worthy before I could be free.I was supposed to save a soul. As I pondered this over,I realised that I had no shortage of souls to save.So many were suffering in the streets. Naila

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