If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 4

     The Story The Authors
The proffesional killer (named Gary) decided that he shouldn't have killed Russel. Russel was Gary's girl friend's boy friend. Did that mean that he should be treated like family? Or that Gary had done the right thing, beause now his girl friend would not have another boy, and be forced to love him? Or was it neither? Well in any case Gary was feeling pretty guilty. He tried to console himself by believing that the second choice was true, and asked his girl friend out on a date. "NO WAY!!!!!!" she shouted. "You killed my boyfriend!!!" She kicked him in the nuts. Gary went home and started feeling even more guilty by the muinite. By the time his girl friend called back to say that she would date him if he made a speech at Russel's funeral, (and she'd even marry him if they got divorced later and Gary wentto jail) he was so covered in sweat that he dropped the receiver ten times and the girl friend humg up because she thought he was "kicking" her, over the phone. Gary went to Russel's funeral. His girl friend saw him there and thought he wanted to date her. Gary was literally swimming in sweat, he was so guilty. But the girl friend needed glasses and the corner Gary was in was dark, so she had no way of knowing. The next day she called him. His mom answered the phone and said no, Gary couldn't come on a date because he had drowned. The girl friend, whose name was Kate, was very sad, she had begun to like Gary. =~0( Carolyn
So Gary finally could date someone.Kate was nice but Gary kinda hated her coz she had a whiny voice. Naila
So Gary finally could date someone.Kate was nice but Gary kinda hated her coz she had a whiny voice. Naila
It was all a illusion. Did he really exist all? Do any of us? He trembled thinking of Russell. Ba-Boom Ba-Boom his heart felt heavy within his chest. He could not believe what he had done. The room begin to sway and all that was before him became distorted. He reached for the corner of the bed hoping to brace himself before he fell. It was to late...he tumbled to the floor his head exploding with searing pain. There were bells, always bells as he layed in the fetal position on the floor. His selfish acts of aggression... his blatant disregard for all but himself was upon him now. He struggled to reach the nightstand. He could see his prescription through the haze. He needed it now like no other time in his life. He stretched as he crawled forward calling upon God for help. Donna
Oh please let me be able to get out. With a shadowed figure come closer he could hear the footsteps. He was scared with all his might he lept up. And thanked God it was only his mom. The stranger
His mom was very angry. She sued him. Sue
His mom was very angry. She sued him. Sue
She sued him for $1 000 000, but he only had $100 000 in his bank account. So he was tortured. "Why would my own mom do this to me??" he asked himsef. He felt himself changing, growing fur.... Then everything stopped. He had turned into a lion!! He tried to complain, but all he could do was GROWWWWWLLL..... Then he got really mad and roared. The people didn't like all the noise, so they changed him into a small deer. He was OK for a while, even when they turned him loose in the forest. And then the hunt began. Carolyn
stag party?? none
All the time i think about that stag party that some one was talking about! I wander if it will be fun or not. that is pretty wered not knowing that. I still think carolyn is on this thing to much. I guess it is her living? I think that is ok . So what is a stag party? fingerlittle
I could have sworn it was Thuresday, hmm....well Friday is ok all the same. none
I had waken and really thought is was Thursday..hmm...I love Fridays though so it is okay with me. Judy Yeah! Really? I can't believe it's not butter! happy
Thats the commercial I remember something like that! I guess? Antway Maggie asked me to the dance but I knew she wanted my Jonathan so I would get her back and refuse and say Jonathan had asked me! breadpan
I thought in the darkness in my room. Alone. The wndchill was swaying through and for an instance I though I heard footsteps. I really hoped is wan't my older brother...he was mad whoever it was and breathing hard..very..I was scared... very........What the hell should I do now? Where should I go should I run? I rock!

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