If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 4

     The Story The Authors
Sherman's younger brother, Reginald came home then and Katie was instantly attracted to him. Katie couldn't help but stare at Reginald, and before she knew what she was doing, she had thrown herself at Reginald and was kissing him passionately Silver
Reginald had been away for 5 years working in Belarus perfecting a vaccine for fur balls, and while in Belarus had come across an elephant named Fluffy whom he'd brought home with him Silver
Fluffy was about fifteen foot tall, and loved chocolate ( dont most elephants) But this didnt really bother Reginald, who owned half of a chocolate factory in Surry. With the cure for fur balls safely under his belt, he decided it was time for a new aim in life. After a while spent pondering the moves available to him, he decided it was time to seek proffesional help. Martin Burn
After seeking the advice of a professional, Reginald decided that a career change was what he needed. With the help of Fluffy and Fluffy's friend Harry the Iguana, Reginald sat down to think about his new career Silver
After weeks of sitting in his living room eating Burger King chicken burgers the three of them got up and rang Katie that crazy girl that had thrown herself at him a few weeks before, all of them hopped into Sherman's car and headed for Hollywood Silver
When they got to Hollywood, Reginald published a book called 101 ways to use frozen bananas, Fluffy starred in infomercials selling imitation ivory jewellery, Harry became the best movie director in Hollywood (better than Speilberg and Cameron even) and Katie decided that Reginald was in fact pretty boring so she went back to Sherman and they got married, had 3 kids, 2 fish and a rabbit named Fred and lived happily ever after in Bolivia Silver
After a while Reginald began to feel lonely, Fluffy had married a lovely elephant named Hilarie and they already had 2 baby elephants, Fluffy Jr and Rita. Harry had met a messy end on the set of his latest movie when he was squished between 2 giant hamburgers (the movie was called Attack of the giant hamburgers you see). So Reginald was all alone, but one day he met up with Hugh Hefner in the Supermarket and after that Reginald wasn't lonely any more Silver
before you ask, no i don't have a life :o) Silver
it was quite a trip and Russell wasn't sure if it was live or acid that was the reason for what happened. Still as he gingerly looked around his room, everything seemed normal, well considering the mess, his mother swore that he had stuff growing under his bed, and since this last dream/nightmare, acid trip ( please let it not be real) he felt he must have inhaled some spores from some alien fungus that was the result of old dirty socks mating with pizza that was mutating into something that could only be described on a segment of the x files. lachlen
its a shame that he nevered seemed to get the girl, not even in his dreams, i mean even the worlds worst loser has got to win sometimes. It was time to get serious. Time to ask for some extra terrestrial help, according to his last reading when he had called the psychic connection they told him his life was hopeless and the only way out was a miracle delivered by god, or whatever archetypical deity by proxy he happened to have faith in. not wanting to take any chances with the supernatural, he immediately went to the closest metaphysical store, made friends with a few wiccans, druids, and ceremonials of secretive but magickal persuasions,visited a catholic church was blessed by a priest and had hands among other things laid on his body by the local born again contingent. armed with all this, a pentacle, seal of solomon and his rubber ducky skylar, Russell set about to change his luck. lachlen
Russell never felt the bullet enter his head, nor did he hear the short, muffled sound of the gun. He neither tasted the blood that poured out of the hole in his head and onto his lips or see the face of the man who just ended his life. The only thing Russell knew at this point was that his short, pathetic, life was finally over. Mr. X
The man lowered the gun. He knew Russell had to die. He kept rationalising it. To be honest, killing a person never had this effect on him before. It was always just a job, the people mere targets. Russell was different. Russell had the unique distinction of crossing the two lines of a Professional killer. A Professional never killed an innocent and never made it personal. Russell was both. If it wasn't for Russell, the man would still be alive tomorrow. Russell had a disease and unknowingly gave it out. The man hailed a cab. He could already feel the sweat starting to pour from his forehead. He loosened the tie and unbuttoned his collar. It was starting. Death

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