If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 3

     The Story The Authors
Went to the prison and offered the gard some money to let her love free. He rejected it and was about to call the other gards when she said "let him go and I'll be yours!!" The gard a litle surprised answered "If you mary me I'll let him free." She looked at her love he was so sick and nearly dead. "ALRIGHT!" She quickly agreed. And the gard smirked with a evil smile on his face. FREDY GIRL
The wedding was the next day. But Robin hood saved Raweena just in time and gave her back to Bob jones and they lived happliy ever after. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!! START A NEW STORY WITH THIS INFORMATION: There once was a lonely old woman who had only one child. That child was called Deter. Editor
He was called Deter because that was the name of his father.Who was named after his father.. but never mind that the point is his mather was dieing. ghostly
His mother was not called Deter. It seemed, by some strange reason, that all his female ancestors were named Gloria, and all the males were names Deter. To tell you the truth, he was really Deter jr. jr. jr. jr......... etc. And his sister was Gloria jr. jr. jr. jr........etc. So now Deter 300 (because he was the 300th Deter in the family) and Gloria 413 (the 413th Gloria in the family) had to save their mother, Gloria 412, from the terrible disease she had which would kill her in 4 weeks if they did not treat her. But they did not know how. Just then, Deter 297, Deter 300's great grandfather, walked by. He knew their predicament, and offered help. "Go see Pwuirzpalred the Wizard. He may be able to help your mother. So Deter 300 and Gloria 413 set out on their journey to find this Pwuirzipalred, if he existed. Carolyn
They searched for many hours, and then many days. Untill they came to a great castle. They asked the gard who was there who the castle belonged to.The gard replied "The great Wizard PWUIRZIPALRED who is known for his magic!" The children asked if they may enter. Then the gard said "Only if you have a very good reason!" They said "Is that alll, our mother is dieng and my graet great grandfather said to come here!" The gard let them in. And then the children wondered what will the wizard look like? To there surprise he looked... Sally girl
Like a old goat! goat head
deeter and gloria had no chance og getting a goat to help there mother.so they went home but to there surprise the goat had beat them there so there mother was healed!!!! There cousin Dumma came over as soon as he heard and asked Deeter to come on a mission with him Deeter said..... Sally girl
"You bimmbo I just got back from a mission do it your self!!!!" So Dumma started of on his mission to find the true meening of LOVE. For he had never under stood it. Sally girl
So he went in search of LOVE! none
but could he find it?? none
Poor Dumma! Will he find love on his mission?? Only time and the peaple who write this storey will tell. Editor
As Dumma wondered around for the space of many weeks, he came apon a castle and inside this castle he found a ruby locket with the word inscribed... " HELP ME I AM BEING HELD PRISONER OF THE ENCHANTED RELM!" So know instead of his old quest for love he began a new quest...To save the owner of THE RUBY LOCKET!!!!! Editor
Cool what is going on?? I wasn't for sure what was going on, but it was pretty cool! He was so nice and I really liked him but who the hell was he? Some guy from the state prison for all I knew, but for some reason, I could not let go of the idea that I nedded to be with him - maybe not forever but at least for now. "Hi,"he said, "I'm Kevin." "Hi," I replied. I began getting light-headed. . . I looked down at my beer. It looked laright, but then I remembered that episode of "Oprah" that I had just watched abut guys putting that drug into girls drnks. Kevin kept a cool smile throughout my confusion. I felt my head begin to drop onto the table. "Sweet dreams," Kevin wispered to me. tekeforever
I was sitting at McDonalds when this lady came up to me and asked me "Are you the brother of Samuel Snit???" "Yes." I said. "Your brother is in great danger." I thought that the woman must be crazy so I started to go to the phone to call the police,but she stoped me."Who are you?" I asked. "The wife of the man who is holding your brother." "Why are you telling me this?" "Because he is a evil man." Where is my brother and his wife Melody?" Through the time cave in the time of Generel George Washigton!" Then I asked "Why there?" She said "He wants to change history,he wants the brittish to win!!!" "I'll stop him you can count on that!!!!!!! Sally girl

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