If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 3

     The Story The Authors
I lingered...but not for long. The evidents I needed was in what she spoke. I knew the nature of this neighborhood far to well. It was not the vortex of weird happenings but rather well know for it's seedy untakings. It was my suspicion LSD played a intricate part in this night. Yes, true she knew my brothers name and mine as well...as you see it was my next door neighbor that crossed my path and my Big Mac. Donna
So I must travel throught time.Back to George Washingtons time. Because of a man who wanted the Brittish to win the war. And who also kiddnapped my brother and his wife. I had to go to a cave that would let me travel back through time. I had been in this cave before, when I was a child. My brother his wife and I had gone back many times. And now evil found the cave. I had to go back. But what about my family?? I would have to take them along to. This will put us through a lot of danger, but I had to do it!!! Will my kids belive me? Will my wife?? There is only one why to find out!! Sally girl
I traveled home, but to my horrer the kids - and my wife - were nowhere to be seen. What WAS to be seen?....... My whole cottage had been burned to the ground. I could still see a few lonely sparks, smell the ashes and smoke, feel the heat. I knew I must continue on.... alone. But where was I to begin? How could I go back to the cave, when it was evil? How could I stay home, when my country's liberty was at stake? I had to travel back in time, through the cave, to get to the battlefeild and stop the British. But how???? Carolyn
I just didn't know what I would do. I am going crazy. I don't remember how to do anything, especialy going back in time. what should I do????? me
My brother was depending on me. So going back to George Washingtons time was the only thing to do!! So I sat of for the cave. ..As I entered I noticed every thing looked the same from the time I was a boy. It took hours to get to the doors of time. I FOUND THE DOOR I WAS LOOKING FOR AND STEPPED IN. WHEN I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE MY CLOTHING FIT THE TIME. THEN I STARTED INQUIRING THE LOCOLS ABOUT MY BROTHER. SALLY GIRL
They tried to tell me about my broter, but everyone was speaking another language! "Zaal om yju etquu," they's say. Or, "O famp imfutdyemf!" Some told me, "Ju od fuef," While still others inquired, "Rja od pait ntayjut?" I could not understand any of this, of course. So I..... Carolyn
started thinking deeply to myself. . .I found these strange people with their strange words starting to get on my nerves, so I quickly exited, and tried to forget about my brother all together. I mean, he had never really cared about me in the first place, so why should I care anything about him. It was all too weird, so I tried to forget the whole thing. My brothers name was Shaun, or was it Mike? Anyways, it had been years since are last "hello" and trying to remember him was getting as hard as trying to forget him. Marge
And anyways it was really Sherman who I kept thinking of. I really did like him. He was nice and had always stood up for me. I was beginning to think he was the one who was made for me. I guess maybe I did love him. tekaforever
Everyone falls short in some aspect. It is I who must maintain some assemblage of maturity. I shall proceed with caution... but make myself known. Sherman shall soon fall victim to the power that ebbs and flows inside me. For true love is eternal. Now as a vision before me...I see the breadth of his beauty. As if written in a tied and bound story of old...we shall live happily ever after. Donna
Sherman is the cutest I think that he shoud fall in love whith me. Even though . HE is so much older then me all the time I think of him! Wy do I haft to love him. He will probably be one of those realy grose people. So I think I am in love. True love I think? Senecca
I don't know if this is true love, but it feels so grand and elegant. Sherman is very cute though. And he keeps calling me "Sweetycarol" instead of my real name, Carolyn. And he is thirty and I am only a third of that.... so it can't be true love. Not yet. Or can it? I am smart, but I still have a lot to learn.... especially about things like this. Carolyn

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