If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 1

     The Story The Authors
Kathyn, Mona, Sicet, Yuanster, and Beldan all fought over Jon. But Jon loved Raphella. Raphiella loved Don. Don loved Bushela. Bushla loved Toad. Toad loved Sabrina. Sabrina loved Jon. Jon loved Raphella. Sodie loved Cups. Cups hated girls. Girls loved Cups. Write a story about all this confusion.
Dana Winefred, BB Yuannster
Everyone went insane and shot themselves, all except the little elephant called fluffy, who was too stupid to shoot himself. He belonged to Cups, but was given to Cups by a girl, who, by indirect love, loved everyone, and had. Since Kervorkian wasn't in town, they had to sit in a circle and point their guns at the person to their right. They were all stoned out of their mind, and when Rapheilla tried to hit the elephant, she missed. But before she could try again, she died. So fluffy was left all alone, except for the blowup doll that had belonged to all of their mother. They were all brother and sister. Grommit
Meanwhile, back on the farm, Mullajoo ate bacon. He thought he was the only survivor on earth, but then a little elephant called fluffy (he knew this my the clairvoyant abilities brought by lack of water) ran into his kitchen. 'Hello.' Said fluffy. 'Go away.' said Mullajoo. 'What kind of name is Mullajoo?' 'What kind of name is fluffy?' 'I want Milk Duds.' Now they were companions on journey to find milk duds, a journey that would lead ll the way to the grocery store !!!! Later they watched some television. Beck
they decided to watch buffy the vampire slayer. afterwards they went for a walk and met up with piggy the lemure. with his their telepathic abilities, they all sang barbie girl, silently of course. sugar
But always, she could not contain herself from laughing after "Lana Turner" in LA Confidential. none
She knew she had some kind of serious obsessive-compulsive problem as she looked down at the blood-stained and gruesome chest of her sister, whom she had inadvertantly stabbed to death with a dirty kitchen knife. "Why does LA Confidential give me such a headache?" she mused absent-mindedly. Gettheeto A. Nunnery
"Oh well, I'll just shove this pesky dead body into the closet where it won't always be in the way. We have a game tomorrow, and as a Show Assistant I must be ready to wear strange costumes, run around crazily, and fall down." none
She thought to herself, "I'll start a new story... Carolyn
Once there was a girl named Joanna who lived on a space ship. Once the space ship exploded! Joanna and her friends Kim and Ramona were the only survivors.... Carolyn
They flew through space, and all Joanna could think about was how lucky they were to have been wearing their space suits at that exact moment. She was oblivious to everything, so she didn't notice the weird purple gas coming closer.. The next thing Joanna knew, she was lying on an asteroid. "Finally you're awake!" said Kim. "but we have to get out of here quick because...." Carolyn
Just then the ground beneath them shook. As Joanna clutched at the rock, she heard a huge roar. "What was that?" she asked Kim. "I was trying to tell you! There's something ELSE on this asteroid and it's looking for US! I think it thinks we're food. Let's get out of here," Kim exclaimed quickly. "But how, where are we going to go?...Wait a minute, I think I see a cave over there. Let's hide in it!" Mindy
They all darted into the cave, but something was wrong. Ramona was the first to finure it out. "THIS is where the monster came from! We've just walked into its lair!" she exclaimed. Carolyn
No one liked this, so they allran to the entrance to the cave. But what was this? "We can't get out!" cried Joanna. "It's some kind of force feild!" replied Kim. Ramona said nothing. She was frozen with fear! The three girls tried to get out, because the monster was coming closer and closer... Carolyn
suddenly it stopped. It said "I'm not realy mean.people just think I am because I look scary." It got them out of the force field and they started balk home not knowing what wouldhappen next.... valerie

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