If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 1

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"Wait a minute" said Joanna. "We can't go home, home is on the space ship and it exploded! We will have to go somewhere else. "Some of my friends might eat you," said the monster. You'll have to figure out a way to get past them. I'm the nicest of the lot, so you're lucky you ran into me first!" The girls nodded. They had been VERY lucky so far, and this was only the beginning. Carolyn
As they were trying to think of an idea, the monster had a very interesting idea. "To help you out, we could disguise you as monsters and maybe someone would help us. Not knowing, of course that you were not monsters." The girls nodded in agreement. Now they had to figure out how they would diguise the girls. Kristy
They smeared dirt all over each others faces and hands. Then they sprinkled red dust over their clothes and mussed up their hair so that it stood straight up. "Now all we have to do is walk kind of funny and make strange noises, and maybe everyone will think we are monsters," said Kim. "I hope this plan works," said the monster worriedly. Mindy
'Yes' Said Kim. 'Okay let's go.' At that very moment the monster felt a terrible rumbling in it's stomach. It bent down on it's hands and knees. 'Are you okay, monster buddy?' 'I think it was that bowl of nachos and cheese i had last night, on top of those sixty eight thousand bottles of imported beer!' Kim but a hand on her chin. They would need a new plan. All of a sudden a wonderful idea hit kim. 'Of course, she said. Why didn't we think of it before!' The monster looked up into kim's beautiful blue eyes. 'What?' John Lennon (no relation)
"Yes, what?" asked Ramona and Joanna. Carolyn
"Do you still have those sixty thousand empty beer bottles?" Kim asked the monster. "Yes," said the monster. "Why??" "Well," said Kim, "we can glue them all together and make a little space ship. It won't be big enough to live in, but we can use it to get to another asteroid where there are no monsters!" "Great Idea!" said Ramona and the monster. Joanna wasn't so sure. "We don't have anything to glue them together with!" she pointed out. Kim wasn't about to admit her idea wouldn't work, but Joanna did have a point. " "We'll use....umm..." Just then Ramona came to her rescue. "We'll use.... Carolyn
these handy little lead pipes. If we put them together with the beer bottles, we'll have wonderful little ship. As for glue, no problem...our dear monster friend happens to be covered in a thick blue goo in case you haven't noticed!" So our friends swiftly finished the space ship and were soon off to the neighboring asteroid in the galaxy of Smirnoff. The ship lands with a great crash. As our courageous adventurers emerge from amidst the rubble... TCGirl
they made sure to first call the subspace "800" number to Pan-Galatic Insurance(a Microsoft company) to report the wreck of the spaceship and to obtain the location of the closest "Rent a Space Wreck" (a Microsoft company) starship rental. The helpful person at the other end of the line directed them to... Zaphod Beeblebrox (sic.)Jr.
a weird guy who said his name was.... none
Zaphod Beeblrnox. He told them not to worry, their space ship would not be needed again. After all, hardly anyone left this asteroid. "Wow!" said Joanna. "That probably means that the asteroid is so good that.. "Wait a second!" said Ramona. "Didn't you hear that guy? He said, 'Hardly anyone leaves this place....alive.' You just said, 'Wow!' at the tame time he said 'alive.'" "Uh oh....." said Joanna and Kim. Ramona exclaimed,"We've got to get OFF this asteroid before we end up ON something's dinner plate..or worse." All three girls shuddered. "But how will we do that?" asked Joanna. "Our space ship is ruined, and no one is here to help us, or even know how we can escape!" "Speaking of ideas," said Kim. "I have one..." Carolyn
Before she could say what her idea was, the three girls heard a ROAR and a BURP! They ran for their lives an darted into the nearest cave, where they heard voices.One was high and one was low. "I'm hungry. Why don't we get something to eat??" said one. "That's a good idea. Let's check the fridge." "No. I'll go hunt for it." "Okay." The girly were petrefied. THEY were probably food, as far as the monsters were concerned. Joanna loved bacon, but she had never thought how pigs felt about ut until now... Carolyn

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