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time: Jan 29 14:14 (Pacific Time)
from: CHris Seidel
subject: Any informationto exchange?

Feel free to leave a message if you have anything you think people should
know about the headwaters forest.

time: Nov 21 07:08 (Pacific Time)
from: maeve
subject: Save the headwaters

here in hawaii we have the same problem. Everyone wants to destroy endimic plant areas for another golf course. one way to raise large sums of money is to enlist the aid of the rich and famous. people with loads of cash need to give some of it away to charities. Create an elitist fund raiser, for example, a black tie bachelor auction, a wine and dine mystery murder dinner, using local celebs as the police and corpse and the guest need to discover the murderer before he strikes again. Scavenger hunts with a twist, enlist the lawyers in an area to give legal clues to the whereabouts of a cache of money, everyday a different law firm is targeted, get all the radio stations involved. have a jail athon, but behind bars famous people and only if so much money is raised are they released from jail. There are many ways of getting money for worthy causes, and let us not forget grant foundations that have money to give for various projects. have you thought of enlisting the help of the local nature conservancy or sierra club? They are great when it comes to resources for preserving natural areas.

Hopes this help

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