What the ....?

What is this?
It's a tandem story. That means that many people contribute to the writing of a story by taking turns adding on to the end of what has been written by others.
There's a Public Tandem and a Member's Only Tandem Story (MOTS)
Anyone can add on to the public tandem story. For the more dedicated tandem posters there's a password protected version called the Member's only Tandem.
How do I join the members Tandem?
Simply pick a username and password and sign up. Nothing is required. Anyone can join. You can also send me mail and tell me what username and password you would like if you prefer.. Either way works, but the application utility is quicker.
What do I do if someone else's post slips in before mine?
You can contact me if you "overpost" someone else and I can re-arrange the posts.