Why this site is such a stagnant frustrating outdated mess

Many of the links and pages on this site are either broken, stagnant, or outdated because although I was very active in web development from 1995 to 1997, I then became overwhelmed with things to do. Since 1998, I've had very few free moments, have had no time off, and have not taken any vacations. In addition I've had to switch servers a few times (once because a malicious hacker destroyed my box), and may not have had a chance to transfer everything or fix broken links.

Oh how I would love to spend days and weeks fixing things, writing new programs, and improving on old ones, but until I finish my dissertation I am enlslaved, and many simple things are out of reach. Soon the day will come. One can only take so many years of continual low and high grade stress. For me I'm an nth year grad student (n in that context means greater than 6) who has yet to achieve a long sought after goal.

If I don't answer your email, it's only because I receive between 50 and 100 emails per day, and it might just slip my mind. Nonetheless I usually do a pretty good job. A net gem anyone can appreciate: informative Subject lines.

-Chris     January 2002