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Chapter 5

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And then all of a sudden out of the blue , she noticed that she wasn't where she was supposed to actually be.For assuming that our knowledge of the laws of gravity and physics, that govern this universe, are actually right , she assumed that she would still be lying on the ground next to the wall with Xerxus and the two dead japanese men with sombreros.but she was high.she was floating down an endless and incessant tunnel leading to a cliched blinding white light at the end of the tunnel.Everything around her soon started twisting and turning , until what she considered reality , suffused into one big organic slush. "Where am i!!!!", she cried out aloud. Silence and nothing more. The kind of silence that would make a snail feel like Jay Leno. She didn't like this kind of silence.Infact, she was sure she din't appreciate it much. Then from out of the blue , stepped out a fat bearded man with shades and a tshirt that said "Born to be Bad!" "hi!!i am Sid the occultist, vegetarian, ambhidextrous , truck driver , also part time orange peeler.", he said. "what are you doing here?", she inquired. "Oh!!!I'm just here to make my brief cameo!!it felt like the right thing to do.You kinda like good karma.but now i gotta hit the road again!!!!!" "but where am i???", she asked. "Dunno!!but you are not somewhere i want to go to !!!" "how do you know that?" "That's why mine is a cameo?" "uh!o.k." sumit
Out of the shadows, ninjas pounced Xerxes, Kate, and the Japanese business men, killing them with swift, fatal blows on the noggin. "Excellent! My cameo was brief, but very effective." said Sid. He motioned his assassins into the back of his truck and they sped away from the scene. christopher olsen
D'oh! homer simpson

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