If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 7

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swelling her tongue. "Quig!" she tried to shout. "Ah deed anihidimin!" She began to choke and her eyelids and fingers began to swell. Joel quickly dragged VaJon and VaJane outside. He ran to the medicine chest and after looking at several bottles found the medicine that Janice needed. When he returned to her, she was lying on the floor and she didn't look good. Her eyes were completely swollen shut and green fluid was running out her nose. He quickly gave her the medicine, he knew they would have to figure out where the ashes had come from and he couldn't do it without her. After a few minutes the swelling began to subside and the green stuff stopped flowing. "Joel," Janice said. "Would you please keep those animals under control!" "Yes Mom." Joel answered. "Now we have to figure out where these human ashes came from." Sandy Richards
They looked on the box of ashes. There was writing on it! "In memory of Dawn!" "Oh no!" said Janice. Dawn had been her close friend. none
That is until Dawn stole away the love of Janice's life, the father of her children of whom only one remained. It had been eight years since Janice had last seen Jeremy and she had not been able to love another since. The pain of this memory made her wince and she fought back the tears. She spat on the box, right on Dawn's name. She then picked up the box and carried it to a nearby festering swamp, threw it in and watched it sink. She turned to her son and said, Sandy R
"Joel, I think we've left the biscuits at home." They ran back to their house. Janice hated it when she burned the biscuits. But when they got there, some one had already taken the biscuits out of the oven. Seated on the paisley wing-back chair was none other than Jeremy. "I knew you'd forget the bicuits," he said smugly. "You always did." Happy Boy
"JEREMY!" cried Janice, fighting back tears of joy. "Daddy!" screamed Joel. "Janice! Joel!" yelled Jeremy. They rushed into each others arms. "How did you get here?" asked Joel. "It's a long story," he replied, "and very sad." "I thought you were dead!" cried Janice, planting a kiss on his cheek. Jeremy returned the favor. Then Janice told him of all their adventures. She told him about Kristi's death, the fight with Zsa Zsa Gabor, their career in the movies, Dianne's angel, Terrence pretending to be the prom queen, Biffy the Prom Queen Slayer, the PRR room, their re-entery, the pillow store, the alien policemen, the MacDonalds in ouuter space, the zoxfeta lizards, Kemovy, the squirrel with the flame thrower, even Janice's allercic reaction to the vajonzomhs. Then Jeremy told them about being kidnapped by Dawn, being held captive for months in a garage, Dawn's sister Valerie, who almost blew up the universe, being rocketes off the Earth without a space suit, and arriving on planet Ezoym nearly dead. Bt these things didn't matter now. The family was together again. Carolyn

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