If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 3

     The Story The Authors
Gabriel looked around. "Mom?" she whispered dryly. She heard a large groan. " Prissy!" someone said. "Prissy!" Gab Riel Dwarf A Lot
I know you are here now turn around and face me. mr.metal
Slowly I did it and saw the face of my long lost love Nick. Jelice
He was suprised to see me, but I knew his love was at one time true. Maybe it wasn't now, but at one time he really did love me. . .who knows - perhaps my one impossible will become reality. . . tekaforever
and Nick thought, "Whoever this Carolyn person is, she really, really needs to get a life. What does she do all day? Sit around and write people's lives?" He was just a tad pissed at the whole thing. Margie
Not that Carolyn cared. Years of being able to read minds had inured her to such insults. She continued scanning, mindlessly transcribing the thoughts of others into her notebooks. One day soon her work would be finished. arcturus
But only if she was able to find that perfect last paragraph of which she often wondered was there such a thing? She knew not. She would write for hours upon end making references to important dates, and important people, be there not one that would make the story complete? It was not until one day when she was putting butter on her toast, she saw the answer, standing right outside here kitchen window.... Michael Cochran
Terry. . . He was the answer she was looking for. she loved him. Katie
" He loved me and I loved him." Dorthy sang to herself. " Hello Dorthy. Are you sleeping? I rock the house. I know it all. I see the wonder of my fall." Do Play "Hello Dorthy", NJ'S best hits piano letters:abcdefg Song: acge acge acgef age agefd acge acge acgef For the original Dorthy song. Please do not play for concert! Words are not provided in this song. Thank you for your cooperation. Kids To Earth
Sure, she thought. "Cooperation, constipation, it's all the same to me, you moron. I'll never know what I saw in you." He laughed so hard he farted. mmdd
The fart wafted into her nostrils, and she inhaled sharply, a look of terror plastered onto her bovine face. She died of asphyxia right there on the spot. Biscuit
Suddenly, the emergency broadcast system screech came over the television in the other room. It lasted only a moment, though, as the entire city was flattened by a surprise Russian nuclear strike. For the next few days, most of the nuclear powers of the planet exchanged weapons. Nobody knew what was going on. It was cool. Snarfleblaad
Once the dust settled, she picked herself up from the rubble and tried to get her bearings. Seeing that things were in serious disarray, she decided to forgo her morning run, and proceeded directly to the burned-out husk that once was her favorite coffe shop. Mike SIlvester
While running her thoughts kept going back to that night on the pier. . . she never thought in a million years that Jakob would of just left her there and with all of that money she had stolen - uhhhh. . . just the memories of it made her stomach turn. Every day she thanked God that Suzie had come into her life, but now things were differernt. . .her feeling towards Suzie had changed. She had always thought of herself as a normal everyday homophobic and now she couldn't keep thoughts of Suzie out of her mind. She turned to see her dear coffee shop in front of her. Suzie was meeting her there. . .maybe today would be the day. tekaforever
But it wasn't. She had been waiting for hours, and still no Suzie. She turned around and went home. Just then, by Murphy's law, Suzie walked out of the coffee shop, and didn't see the girl there (because she had just gone home). So she went into the coffee shop again. Just then the girl came back..........etc. but they never met. Carolyn
what fools thy are to come afar and not nkow what to do i hate them dont you?? pretty girl
Went to the prison and offered the gard some money to let her love free. He rejected it and was about to call the other gards when she said "let him go and I'll be yours!!" The gard a litle surprised answered "If you mary me I'll let him free." She looked at her love he was so sick and nearly dead. "ALRIGHT!" She quickly agreed. And the gard smirked with a evil smile on his face. FREDY GIRL
The wedding was the next day. But Robin hood saved Raweena just in time and gave her back to Bob jones and they lived happliy ever after. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!! START A NEW STORY WITH THIS INFORMATION: There once was a lonely old woman who had only one child. That child was called Deter. Editor
He was called Deter because that was the name of his father.Who was named after his father.. but never mind that the point is his mather was dieing. ghostly
His mother was not called Deter. It seemed, by some strange reason, that all his female ancestors were named Gloria, and all the males were names Deter. To tell you the truth, he was really Deter jr. jr. jr. jr......... etc. And his sister was Gloria jr. jr. jr. jr........etc. So now Deter 300 (because he was the 300th Deter in the family) and Gloria 413 (the 413th Gloria in the family) had to save their mother, Gloria 412, from the terrible disease she had which would kill her in 4 weeks if they did not treat her. But they did not know how. Just then, Deter 297, Deter 300's great grandfather, walked by. He knew their predicament, and offered help. "Go see Pwuirzpalred the Wizard. He may be able to help your mother. So Deter 300 and Gloria 413 set out on their journey to find this Pwuirzipalred, if he existed. Carolyn
They searched for many hours, and then many days. Untill they came to a great castle. They asked the gard who was there who the castle belonged to.The gard replied "The great Wizard PWUIRZIPALRED who is known for his magic!" The children asked if they may enter. Then the gard said "Only if you have a very good reason!" They said "Is that alll, our mother is dieng and my graet great grandfather said to come here!" The gard let them in. And then the children wondered what will the wizard look like? To there surprise he looked... Sally girl
Like a old goat! goat head
deeter and gloria had no chance og getting a goat to help there mother.so they went home but to there surprise the goat had beat them there so there mother was healed!!!! There cousin Dumma came over as soon as he heard and asked Deeter to come on a mission with him Deeter said..... Sally girl
"You bimmbo I just got back from a mission do it your self!!!!" So Dumma started of on his mission to find the true meening of LOVE. For he had never under stood it. Sally girl
So he went in search of LOVE! none
but could he find it?? none
Poor Dumma! Will he find love on his mission?? Only time and the peaple who write this storey will tell. Editor
As Dumma wondered around for the space of many weeks, he came apon a castle and inside this castle he found a ruby locket with the word inscribed... " HELP ME I AM BEING HELD PRISONER OF THE ENCHANTED RELM!" So know instead of his old quest for love he began a new quest...To save the owner of THE RUBY LOCKET!!!!! Editor
Cool what is going on?? I wasn't for sure what was going on, but it was pretty cool! He was so nice and I really liked him but who the hell was he? Some guy from the state prison for all I knew, but for some reason, I could not let go of the idea that I nedded to be with him - maybe not forever but at least for now. "Hi,"he said, "I'm Kevin." "Hi," I replied. I began getting light-headed. . . I looked down at my beer. It looked laright, but then I remembered that episode of "Oprah" that I had just watched abut guys putting that drug into girls drnks. Kevin kept a cool smile throughout my confusion. I felt my head begin to drop onto the table. "Sweet dreams," Kevin wispered to me. tekeforever
I was sitting at McDonalds when this lady came up to me and asked me "Are you the brother of Samuel Snit???" "Yes." I said. "Your brother is in great danger." I thought that the woman must be crazy so I started to go to the phone to call the police,but she stoped me."Who are you?" I asked. "The wife of the man who is holding your brother." "Why are you telling me this?" "Because he is a evil man." Where is my brother and his wife Melody?" Through the time cave in the time of Generel George Washigton!" Then I asked "Why there?" She said "He wants to change history,he wants the brittish to win!!!" "I'll stop him you can count on that!!!!!!! Sally girl
I lingered...but not for long. The evidents I needed was in what she spoke. I knew the nature of this neighborhood far to well. It was not the vortex of weird happenings but rather well know for it's seedy untakings. It was my suspicion LSD played a intricate part in this night. Yes, true she knew my brothers name and mine as well...as you see it was my next door neighbor that crossed my path and my Big Mac. Donna
So I must travel throught time.Back to George Washingtons time. Because of a man who wanted the Brittish to win the war. And who also kiddnapped my brother and his wife. I had to go to a cave that would let me travel back through time. I had been in this cave before, when I was a child. My brother his wife and I had gone back many times. And now evil found the cave. I had to go back. But what about my family?? I would have to take them along to. This will put us through a lot of danger, but I had to do it!!! Will my kids belive me? Will my wife?? There is only one why to find out!! Sally girl
I traveled home, but to my horrer the kids - and my wife - were nowhere to be seen. What WAS to be seen?....... My whole cottage had been burned to the ground. I could still see a few lonely sparks, smell the ashes and smoke, feel the heat. I knew I must continue on.... alone. But where was I to begin? How could I go back to the cave, when it was evil? How could I stay home, when my country's liberty was at stake? I had to travel back in time, through the cave, to get to the battlefeild and stop the British. But how???? Carolyn
I just didn't know what I would do. I am going crazy. I don't remember how to do anything, especialy going back in time. what should I do????? me
My brother was depending on me. So going back to George Washingtons time was the only thing to do!! So I sat of for the cave. ..As I entered I noticed every thing looked the same from the time I was a boy. It took hours to get to the doors of time. I FOUND THE DOOR I WAS LOOKING FOR AND STEPPED IN. WHEN I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE MY CLOTHING FIT THE TIME. THEN I STARTED INQUIRING THE LOCOLS ABOUT MY BROTHER. SALLY GIRL
They tried to tell me about my broter, but everyone was speaking another language! "Zaal om yju etquu," they's say. Or, "O famp imfutdyemf!" Some told me, "Ju od fuef," While still others inquired, "Rja od pait ntayjut?" I could not understand any of this, of course. So I..... Carolyn
started thinking deeply to myself. . .I found these strange people with their strange words starting to get on my nerves, so I quickly exited, and tried to forget about my brother all together. I mean, he had never really cared about me in the first place, so why should I care anything about him. It was all too weird, so I tried to forget the whole thing. My brothers name was Shaun, or was it Mike? Anyways, it had been years since are last "hello" and trying to remember him was getting as hard as trying to forget him. Marge
And anyways it was really Sherman who I kept thinking of. I really did like him. He was nice and had always stood up for me. I was beginning to think he was the one who was made for me. I guess maybe I did love him. tekaforever
Everyone falls short in some aspect. It is I who must maintain some assemblage of maturity. I shall proceed with caution... but make myself known. Sherman shall soon fall victim to the power that ebbs and flows inside me. For true love is eternal. Now as a vision before me...I see the breadth of his beauty. As if written in a tied and bound story of old...we shall live happily ever after. Donna
Sherman is the cutest I think that he shoud fall in love whith me. Even though . HE is so much older then me all the time I think of him! Wy do I haft to love him. He will probably be one of those realy grose people. So I think I am in love. True love I think? Senecca
I don't know if this is true love, but it feels so grand and elegant. Sherman is very cute though. And he keeps calling me "Sweetycarol" instead of my real name, Carolyn. And he is thirty and I am only a third of that.... so it can't be true love. Not yet. Or can it? I am smart, but I still have a lot to learn.... especially about things like this. Carolyn
I have no idea what this is about. Good bye!!!!!!! Valerie
Good Bye, Good Bye he says. He doesn't know what he is saying . And then all of a sudden Bruce the gay hairy bear pulls on the string and out follows the bloodiest peice of cotton he has ever seen.I'm so sorry she says, my mom had Newton B
Tried to mend his ailing seams. Age and caresses brought him tumbling to this state of disrepair. It is the mind of child that see horror around every bend. The red you see was that of the stuffing from old velvet chair...stained so brightly from moisture. Bruce maybe a little antique but I assure you much love. A old Stife Bear even a little worn brings dollars on the open market. Donna
But he is worth millions more, in the mind of the child, sitting on the bedroom shelf. Linn
He is the hero that spins the rays of sunshine out of brilliant webs, and into light given to day; up in the sky. He is the father that the child never met. He is the love that fills his heart at every end. He is but confert, custom, and eternal rest. It is this peace that saves the child in R.E.M. sleep. Katy
I am abandoned, left with freeks that eat my brain, but it's not me. It's the fear that can not be. I laugh out loud, but then I weep. I AM A CRAZY BEET!!!!! HELP ME TO SEE!!!! I'm blind from smogg and grease. I'll kill a bastard if I please. Father? Where are you father? Help me to breathe!!!!!! Katy
III........ Iwhirl round and round, faster.....faster....faster.... the room gets darker......darker...... darker........... faster......... darker.......... faster....... darker.........fasterdarker..........fasterarker.......... fastearker............ fasterker.............. fastrker......... fastker......... fasker........ faser......... faer......... far........ fr........ r......... R. That is the answer. But to what? 2. C2. MC2. =MC2. E=MC2. E=MC. E=M. E=. E. E is another answer. But to what? djhmjdh. jhmjd. hmj. m. M is an answer. BUT WHY AM I GETTING THESE ANSWERS? WHAT ARE THEY FOR ANYWAY? r. e. m. Why?...... Wait...... r e m. R.E.M. Thats it! I'm dreaming! But how do I wake up? Please..... I don't like this dream!!! I want to wake up!!!!....... Carolyn
I couldn't wake up. . . I tried. . . it seemed as if the dream would never end. Maybe I didn't really want it to. . .torture can be nice. . .maybe if I tried hard enough the pain would feel good. Then again, maybe not. tekaforever
And then I remembered Sherman. . .my salvation. He had kept me from drowning in my own selfishness. I had always had nightmares, but this dream was so different, as if something from beyond was trying to stab the life from me, but Sherman, he would save me, I could hear his muffled voice calling me: "katie, katie, wake up!" He was panicing, he always did. He loved me so much, he cared enough to panic. Everything would be fine now. Marge
So Sherman and Katie jump in the car and went to Sherman's house , to dance cause they were so happy to see each other. Once they got to Sherman's house Little Shorty the pitbull was for them to give him some food .So they gave him some food. Sherman turn his stereo on ,and put the c.d . Bad Boy Records by Sean Puffy Combs, and Mase ,then Sherman and Katie got their boogie on By Mack 10 ! Little Shorty
Then Sherman's mother came home and threw the horrible, noisytasteless cd out the window. silver