If Grapes were the Frogs of Time, <br>Then so be it.

If Grapes were the Frogs of Time,
Then so be it.

Chapter 2

     The Story The Authors
The girls kept falling. With each second they were nearer to the blazing star which was directly in their path....... Carolyn
Suddenly, they felt something grab them. They had been so frightened of the star below them that they hadn't noticed a familiar shape approach from behind them: it was their spaceship! A big man-like shape in a purple spacesuit had grabbed them under one long arm, then pulled him (or her or it)self back to the spaceship on a tether line. The mysterious stranger started their spaceship moving rapidly away from the star, then helped them out of their stuffy spacesuits -- then took off his own. It was a 7-foot tall purple dinosaur! He said, "Hi, girls! Thanks so much for leaving this nifty spaceship to help me get away from those awful monsters. It was a little broken, but I managed to fix it. I hope you like the new warp drive I installed." Sandy
"Wow!" said Joanna, Kim, and Ramona all at once. "Jinx!" they all said at once. Everyone laughed, including Barney. (They had figured out he was Barney.) "Looks like we saved ourselves - with Barney's help." Everyone laughed again. Suddenly something beeped. "Oops," said Barney. Time for me to start exploring. Before the girls knew it, they were by another asteroid. Some teenagers were on it, singing, "I hate you, you hate me, we'll team up and kill Barney!" The asteroid lurched and they all fell off. "I should save them!" said Barney. He pulled them into the ship. Joanna noticed that all the teenagers had I HATE BARNEY T-shirts on, except for some of them who didn't have shirts al all. Before barney could see that, the oldest kid in the group lunged at him. Joanna, Ramona, and Kim knew what was happening. They also knew they had to save Barney - but how? Carolyn
"Barney! No!" Ramona cried. Joanna weeped softly, tears streaming down her face. The oldest boy of the gang grinned. Kim looked up. He had messy brown hair, and he needed braces. She guessed he was about 17 years old. " Hi ya' all! Hope yat Barney gotta huge head! Sees about 50 or so. Gotta ciggerate, KIDS? My Lisa gotta take care o' ya now, ra'r yat Barney 'ere." the boy said. " What's ya name?" Ramona spoke up. The boy glared at her. "Name's Chark. Ya's Beth?" He said. Ramona shook her head. "Name's Ram. This Jo, here Im." Ramona replied, trying her best to sound grown-up. Chark laughed. " Come, Ram, Jo, IM, gotta sees ya mo'er, L'sa." Chark said. " Heys, Chark, sees kids ou' aire. Fors me?" a women called out. She looked about 16 years old. "Yeah, kids han' round Barney. Gotta kill 'em an sees ya tak are o em." Chark said. "Deals here." Lisa said. " In, kids." As soon as they were in, Lisa began taking off their clothes and led them into the bathtub. " Names?" Lisa said while she was scrubbing Ramona's chest. " I'm Joanna, she's Ramona, and this is Kim." Joanna replied. Lisa was onto Joanna's chest now. She took about ten minutes scrubbing their chests, then fingering their nipples so they were clean, and then scrubbed them again. " How ol ar ya?" Lisa asked. " We're all ten." Kim said. Lisa began on their stomachs. Then she was going to do their backs, then their rear ends, then their arms, then their legs, then their faces, and then their private parts once again. " Don't you think we're a little to old to be having an audiance for our baths?" Romona asked. " Nah." Lisa replied. At that very moment, 6 boys walked into the room. They were all about 13 or so. They had 3 boys about 10 years old with them. The girls turned away, very embarresed. One of the boys whispered something in Lisa's ear. Lisa turned to the girls. " Kids, boys gotta talk ta me. 3 kid boys gotta take a bath, ta. The'll be taking one with ya in their trunks." Lisa closed the door. The boys eyed the girls. One of them quickly dragged Kim out of the tub. Unfortantly, they weren't soapy. They were just wet. They all dragged the girls out of the tub. Then they took them to the attic. " Steve, what ya wanna play with em?"One of the boys asked ( Carter). "How 'bout tie 'n' invite?" another said (Roger). " Yeah!" another replied ( Steve). The boys tied the girls up against a pole. Then they called up 7 of their friends ( Brian, Mark, Watson, Mike, Dan, Ben, and Pete). Then they had a small party, raced to the tub, and got wet just in time. " Hi, kiss. Get'm dressed 'n less eas." Lisa said after the boys were gone. The girls went to their new room and opened the door. Ramona cautiously opened the shelf to the dresser. " Look at these clothes!" Kim exclaimed. She held a petticoat up that the girls wore in the town they lived in. The petticoat was a lavender color, and was up to their knees. They put it on (they had all the same clothes) and went downstairs. " Hi, y' all. Let's go ta the diner. Fa diner." Lisa said. LISA MCKLEAN

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