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Chapter 4

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"Hey let go of my noodle! It's my noodle and I want it all to myself!"
"Ah come on kleg, I want some of your noodle. Why can't you share it with me?"
Kleg looked at his noodle.

"Well gee omar. Ya you know I'd like to share my noodle with you, but I already told sylvia I'd share it with her. Sort of a deal we got going. She's got a great juicy hunk of tuna, and I got this here noodle. It's a pretty nice one don't ya think? Anyway I think she'd get kinda upset if she caught me sharing my noodle with anybody else.
Vigo turned the corner to see his two friends playing tug of war over a ramen noodle dropped on the floor during the lunch hour.
"Allright Klegg I guess it's ok with me if you give her the noodle."

"Hey! Psssst! Guys you gotta get a load of what's going down by the salt tank."
Vigo relayed what he'd seen earlier in vivid detail and explained how they were all certainly doomed unless they did someting about it. He went on to tell them he had a plan, buthe needed their help, and he lead them to the desk with Evelyn's pack.
Vigo grabbed the corner of the little periodical in his mouth and pushed backward with his little mousy feet trying to drag it out of the pouch. Although it was a small magazine, only 5 x 8, it was very heavy and massive for a mouse, and he couldn't get it to budge. He stood back and looked over to find Fleg and Omar looking at him with blank stares.
"What are guys looking at? Give me a mouth with this!"
They scurried over and each grabbed the edge in their mouth.
"Ok, on the squeak of three."
Squeek! Squeek! Pull!
They pulled on the magazine furiously trying to scurry backwards. The magazine began to move. Gently sliding out of the pouch about 2 inches.
"Cheddar Cheese! I think it's going to work, but we'll have to give it a couple of tries. Ok on my count. We'll pull and breath, pull and breath, got it?
Allright boss.
Ok here we go.
Squeek! Squeek! Pull!
Squeek! Squeek! Pull!
"Wait!" shouted Omar.
He was sweating and hyperventillating. "Can...[huh..weaze]...we...[huh..weaze]..take a brake?"
"Take a break?", asked an incredulous Vigo. "We've only been pulling for 7 seconds and you want to take a break?"
Omar was out of breath, looked miserable, and didn't respond.
"Pull yourself together Omar. We can probably get it in one more pull and then we'll be done. Your fellow mice are depending on you."
Omar nodded, took his edge in his mouth and got ready.
"Ok one last pull! Here we go! Squeek! Squeek! Pull!"
They pulled and pulled and finally the magazine came all the way out of the book pouch. Omar fell over huffing and puffing.

Vigo and Kleg slapped paws and yelled "Asiago! Dude!"

"Ok Omar rest up. This'll be good for you. Get you into shape. Since you're the heaviest mouse we're going to need you for the next stage. Don't worry it'll be mostly standing around and jumping."
Omar gave a worried smile. Vigo and Kleg got to work finding the table of contents. "Ok Kleg, you remember how it works? It'll be just like those comic books we used to read. We start at the edge opposite the staples, lift up the cover, put our noses underneath, and then run forward pushing with our noses until the page is almost vertical, then we'll push up with our hands, and jump forward to try to get the page to flip over. When it does, we'll continue on just enough to flatten it. Omar that's when you come in. You have to sit on the page wherever it lands to keep it flat while we work on turning the next page.
"Uhuh." nodded Omar in recognition.
"Ready Kleg?", asked Vigo.
"The first page is the hardest. Here we go."
Working together, the little mice were able to turn over the cover of the magazine, exposing the contents. Omar sat dutifully on the flipped over cover so as to keep it from flopping back. Vigo jumped back and beggan to read over the contents.
"Let's see we got The Argentinian phone system...naw that's not it, How to hack a virtual pet...yick that sounds awful....spying on Yahoo....nope....How to hack Microsloth Taffy Works. Gorgonzola! That's it!"
"What page is it on?", asked Kleg.
Vigo followed the dots to the right hand margin and read the number.
"35?! Smoked Gouda! That's a lot of pages to turn."
"No problem. We'll get into a rhythm. Just doing our turn for mouse kind." remarked Kleg with a wry smile, full pun intended. He enojoyed a good challenge.
"Allright, let's get to it then."
Both Kleg and Vigo were very fit mice and they immediately set themselves to the task of pushing pages over one by one. Omar dutifully got up with the turning of each page and sat down on it to keep it from flopping back. The middle of the magazine was page 30. They new from experience when they saw the staples in the middle. They were ina rythm and had reached their second wind long ago. By this time the pages didn't have any tendency to flip one way or the other so Omar's job was unnecessary. He'd already figured this out and had dissapeared into the book bag searching for crumbs. Finally they reached page 35.
"Page 35!", yelled Kleg.
Vigo exclaimed "Camembert!" They slapped paws and layed back in the crease of the magazine to catch their breath.

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