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Chapter 2

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Geraldine and Adam watched the Assistant Principal from behind two headstones.

Rebecca Fitzgibbons
Beloved Wife
1683 - 1725

Homer Fitzgibbons
Devoted Husband
1680 - 1730

"What are they doing?" Adam whispered.
"Digging a whole." Geraldine answered flatly.
"Well that much I can see."
Geraldine held her hand up to Adam, indicating that he should be quiet now. The two teenagers were unaware that they were also being watched from the shadows behind them.
"Can't you dig any faster?" Hadley demanded of Joe and just as Joe was about to let Hadley know what he could do with his shovel, the shovel struck something hard in the hole with a loud thump.

Hadley cried out, "That's my foot you moron!. Keep digging, and watch my feet. I knew I should have done this myself. Why would I ever bring you along. Idiot!" Adam could not contain the laughter. Hadley quickly muffled his laughs with an open palm. They both ducked down, for fear of being caught. Geraldine whispered, "If they hear us, they'll make us drink tea again." The moron looked up. Paul
"Tea again?" He always secretly liked having tea, but dare not share it with Geraldine. She was the toughest, stongest girl he knew. She would even stick up to the Mad Man Max, ruler of the haunted house. Andrea
"Do you have any cream, perchance?" he asked hesitantly. Geraldine fixed her steely glare on him and said, "I'll be right back." As he sat in silence, a raucous lowing and the sound of jingling bells erupted from the kitchen. Suddenly, the door opened, revealing Geraldine carrying a cow, upside down, legs flailing in the air. She slammed the cow down on the table with a resounding thud. "Ya gotta milk 'em upside down to get the cream to rise to the top." she grunted. The cow looked up dumbly at him as if to say, "You know, it really sucks being me." Geraldine grabbed his cup, gripped one of the cow's teats in her other hand, and not too gently, squeezed a few teaspoonfulls of unpasteurized dairy product into his cup. Hoisting the cow back up on her shoulders, Geraldine made her way to the door. As she did, he sipped the tea, thought about it for a moment, and called after her, "Would it be too much trouble to ask for sugar?" It was then that he realized why not even Mad Man Max messed with Geraldine. As she levitated two feet off of the ground, her hair changing to a tangled mass of writhing snakes, eyes flashing a murderous orange, a forked purple tongue stabbing the air, he made his final, fatal mistake. "Could you bring me back a biscotte or two?" Abe Frohman
Suddenly SNAP!!! Geraldine and Adam were back in the graveyard. "What happened to the men digging a hole?" asked Geraldine. "What men?" said Adam surprisedly. Geraldine realized she had been (hallucinating, getting visions, or WHATEVER she was doing). Well at least that explained why Geraldine was not a monster anymore. She had never been a monster after all. Just when Geraldine decided things couldn't get any stranger, Carolyn
"My name is Geraldine," she whispered fiercely to herself. "So don't call me Frankenstein." Philip
Asst. Pricipal Hadley was growing impatient. "Can't you dig any faster? We don't have all night you know." Joe looked up at him with rhuemy eyes, "You're welcome to give it a try yourself if you can do it any better."
They glared at each other. From someplace behind where Geraldine and Adam were hiding came the sound of rustling leaves and soft hoarse singing. Asst. Principal Hadley jumped. "Oh relax Hadley, it's just Muff Potter. He'll be too drunk to remember anything. And if he does who's gonna believe the town drunk." Hadley wasn't about to be soothed. "Well, how the fuck did he get in here? That's Hickey's job. the incompetent boob."
"Well, why don't you go find Hickey and tell him to get Potter out of here and let me dig this fucking hole!" Joe said, gritting his teeth and trying not to shout.
"Yeah, that's just what I'm going to do."

"He's headed this way!" Geraldine whispered.
"Stay low," said Adam. "It's dark enough that he probably won't see us."


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