Alkaline Lysis Minipreps

Inoculate 5 ml overnights of LB + 50 ug/ml Ampicillin

Use 1 to 5 ul for digests.

RNaseA may be added to GTE to 125 ug/ml, or mix 20 to 100 ng RNaseA per reaction in with the loading dye.

For sequencing, add 80 ul TE and phenol/chloroform extract, then ethanol precipitate. Resuspend in 20 ul.

50 mM 	Glucose (40% is 2.2M)
25 mM 	Tris-HCl pH 8	
10 mM 	EDTA

1% 	SDS
0.2 N 	NaOH

GTE Calculator - Simple JavaScript. Enter the Total Volume of GTE you would like to make and click anywhere, and the volume of each component will be filled in.

Target Stock Concentration Volume (ml)
50 mM Glucose M
25 mM Tris HCL M
10 mM EDTA M
Total (ml)

Chris Seidel October 1998