GenePix Header Generator

This utility generates the header for GenePix GAL files. It will also generate the Block Row Column numbers if you check the box. Simply enter the parameters for your array in place of the default values below, check the results by submitting the form, and then if it looks correct switch the format to excel, download the results and open them with excel, then you can finish building the file from there. Stars (*) are used as place holders in the columns, replace them with your own values.
Number of blocks:
Blocks across: Blocks down:
Pin offset: (optional - allows default grid spacing to match block spacing)
Columns you'd like in File: (5 minimum)
x origin:
y origin:
Feature Diameter:
x Features:
x Spacing:
y Features:
y Spacing:

Return Format     generate Block Row Column list

The code for this program

Chris Seidel