Running RNA samples on the Agilent BioAnalyzer

For examination of 1 µl RNA samples (25-500 ng/µl Total RNA, 25-250 ng/µl mRNA).

Remove gel-dye mix from from fridge, or prepare and date a fresh batch. Equilibrate mix to Room Temp before use.

clean the electrodes

use 350 µl RNAseZAP in special rinse chip (can be re-used within the day)
incubate 1 minute
Rinse with 350 µl H2O for 10 seconds. Open the lid and wait 10 seconds before putting anything else in.

Prepare Chip

Prepare the sample wells and load the ladder

Run the chip

Preparation of RNA gel-mix (4 chips)
Allow gel and dye to equilibrate to Room Temp for 30 minutes

keep gel-dye mix in the dark
gel-dye mix should be used within 1 day of preparation
Filtered gel should be used within one month of preparation