16 pin print list generator

This utility prints a list of numbers corresponding to a regular print pattern with a 16 pin print head (4x4) which would generate 16 metagrids. The resulting list contains values for array spot number, original 384 well plate position, and the corresponding 96 well plate position (assuming a Hydra or other 96 tip pipettor was used to load the 384 well plates). The result can be saved as html source, doctored up to remove header and footer info, and imported into excel for sorting and patching lists together. Or you can choose excel format and a tab delimited text file will be returned directly. Related Program: Block Row Column list generator

Generate a list for
# of plates Output Format Plate Address Separation
  384 well print plates. No Separation (i.e. A12)
Separate by space (i.e. A 12)
Separate by tab (i.e. A     12)
Aliquot Order 96 to 384 well plate Number Format
Hydra A1->A2->B2->B1 1 digit (i.e. A1)
2 digit (i.e. A01
Z shape A1->A2->B1->B2