Twisted Tales

Running a Chat Server has been an interesting and sometimes scary adventure. I created it because there was someone I wanted to talk to, and I thought other people could use it as well. I was naive in not realizing that people use chat rooms for a variety of things and that one of the most common activities is cyber sex. Once the Chat Server became popular, and Congress began to pass legislation regarding obscenity on the internet it occurred to me that I could find myself in trouble if people were exchanging obscenities through my computer account. So I decided to try an experiment. Co-incidentally, a friend of mine sent me a letter with the following tale:

Falwelling Tracy - A satire on the FCC obscenity ruling.

My reply to my friend with a description of the experiment.

The Unkown Antagonist - A very ugly but consequential tale of correspondance between me and an unidentified chat user that ended with the filing of a police report and the temporary shut down of the chat server.