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An algorithm for predicting when to buy and sell mutual funds is a valuable tool for gaining an edge on the market. We have set up a simple system that recommends when to buy or sell a fund. This method is time proven and has been successful at offering a better than average rate of return on one's investment.

The system involves the use of moving averages that are updated on a weekly basis. Thus it is easy to follow any of various funds. We have made available a sample of some funds for your perusal. The graphs are updated weekly and adjusted for dividends, as well as short term and long term capital gains, so you needn't spend your own time plugging numbers into a spread sheet, or spend a lot of money buying expensive programs that plot moving averages along with other bells and whistles. All you need to do is click on a fund to see the chart of the fund and the signals to buy or sell.

While the graphs are updated, the computer can also compile a list of those funds which are giving a buy or sell signal for the week and send you e-mail automatically with a list of all the funds exhibiting interesting activity.

We must advise you that this system does not offer any specific guarantee for success. Please review the disclaimer and considerations before making any buy or sell decisions.

New plotting utility.

Click on a fund to see the chart and signals:

AARP Funds
Capital Gr (ACGFX)
Aetna Funds
Growth & Income(AEGIX)
Aim Funds
High Yield Bond A (AHYBX)
High Yield Bond B (AMHYX)
Weingarten A (WEINX)
Alliance Funds
Premier Growth (APGCX)
American Funds
American Balanced (ABALX)
American Mutual Fund (AMRMX)
Euro Pacific Growth (AEPGX)
Inv Co Am (AIVSX)
New World (NEWFX)
Washington Mutual Investment Fund (AWSHX)
American Century
Income Growth (AMADX)
Inc Giftrust (TWGTX)
Growth (TWIEX)
Target 2025 (BTTRX)
Value (TWVLX)
American Century 20th
Select (TWCIX)
Ultra (TWCUX)
Ameristock Funds
Mutual (AMSTX)
Artisan Funds
International (ARTIX)
Babson Funds
Babson Value(BVALX)
Growth (BABSX)
Barclays Global Investors Fund
LP 2010 (STLBX)
LP 2020 (STLCX)
LP 2030 (STLDX)
LP 2040 (STLEX)
Baron Funds
Baron Asset(BARAX)
Blackrock Funds
Micro cap (BMEAX)
Bridgeway Funds
Aggresive growth (BRAGX)
BT Institutional Funds
Int Equity (BEIIX)
Clipper Funds
Clipper Inc. (CFIMX)
Columbia Funds
Balance (CBALX)
Common Stk (CMSTX)
Growth (CLMBX)
Intl Stk (CMISX)
Special (CLSPX)
Small Cap (CMSCX)
Dodge & Cox Funds
Balanced (DODBX)
Stock (DODGX)
Dreyfus Funds
Appreciation (DGAGX)
Founder Discovery (FDISX)
Eastcliff Funds
Total Return (EATRX)
Excelsior Funds
Value & Restructuring (UMBIX)
Large Cap Gr (UMLGX)
Exeter Funds
Defensive Srs A (EXDAX)
Federated Funds
Int Small Co C (ISCCX)
Federated F: Funds
Amer Ldrs (FALDX)
Fidelity Advisor Funds
Equity Growth (FAEGX)
Growth Opportunity(FAGOX)
Balanced (FAIGX)
Fidelity Invest
Aggressive Growth (FDEGX)
Asset Manager Fund (FASMX)
Asset Manager Growth Fund (FASGX)
Blue Chip Growth Fund (FBGRX)
Contra Fund (FCNTX)
Dividend Growth (FDGFX)
Div Intl (FDIVX)
Equity II (FEQTX)
Europe (FIEUX)
Freedom Fund 2010 (FFFCX)
Growth and Income (FGRIX)
Growth Co (FDGRX)
Gr & Inc II (FGRTX)
Income (FFIDX)
Instl T. U.S. Eqty (FUSEX)
Low Price (FLPSX)
Magellan (FMAGX)
Puritan (FPURX)
Retirement Growth (FDFFX)
Stock Selector (FDSSX)
Value (FDVLX)
Fidelity Select
Asset Manager Aggressive (FAMRX)
Dev Comm (FSDCX)
Devonshire (FIUIX)
Energy Services (FSESX)
Tech (FSPTX)
Fidelity Spartan
Market Index (FSMKX)
Spartan High Income Bond (SPHIX)
Firsthand Funds
Tech Leaders (TLFQX)
Tech Val (TVFQX)
Founders Fund
Growth (FRGRX)
Franklin Funds A
Sm Cap Grwth (FRSGX)
Gabelli Funds
Asset Alloc (GABAX)
Growth (GABGX)
Galaxy Funds
Asset Alloc (GAATX)
Equity Growth (GEGTX)
Large Co (ILCIX)
Gam Funds
Intl (GAMNX)
Harris Insight Funds
Bond (HTBIX)
Equity (HEQIX)
Govt Bond (HIGIX)
International (HILIX)
Sh Int Bd (HIBIX)
Heartland Funds
Value (HRTVX)
Bl Ch Growth (FLRFX)
Dynamics (FIDYX)
European (FEURX)
Financial Svc (FSFSX)
Growth & Inc (IVGIX)
Strategic (FHLSX)
Str Leisure Port (FLISX)
Tech (FTCHX)
Total Return (FSFLX)
World Wide (ISWCX)
Balanced (JABAX)
Enterprise (JAENX)
Fund (JANSX)
Flex Income (JAFIX)
Global Tech (JAGTX)
Growth & Income (JAGIX)
Mercury (JAMRX)
Overseas (JAOSX)
Olympus (JAOLX)
Special Situation (JASSX)
Twenty (JAVLX)
World Wide (JAWWX)
Japan Funds
Stock (SJPNX)
John Hancock Funds
Reg Bk Fd B (FRBFX)
Kaufman Funds
Kaufman Fund (KAUFX)
Kemper Funds A
Dreman High Return (KDHAX)
Legg Mason Funds
Value Tr (LMVTX)
Lexington Grp
Corp Ldrs Tr (LEXCX)
Lord Abbett Funds
Affiliated (LAFFX)
Mainstay Funds
Indexed Eqty (NIIEX)
Managers Funds
Spc Eqty (MGSEX)
Marsico Funds
Focus (MFOCX)
Gr & Inc (MGRIX)
MAS Pooled Trust Funds
Value (MPVLX)
MAS Funds Inst Cl
Mid cap Growth (MACGX)
MFS Funds
Cap Opp (MCOFX)
Emerg Growth (MEGBX)
Growth Stk A (MIGFX)
Montage & Caldwell Funds
Growth CL N(MCGFX)
Montgomery Funds
Select Fifty (MNSFX)
Munder Funds
Net Net A (MNNAX)
Nationwide Funds
Growth (MUIGX)
Neuberger & Berman Funds
Equity (NBSSX)
Genesis Tr (NBGEX)
Guardian Tr (NBGTX)
Manhattan Tr (NBMTX)
Millenium (NBMIX)
Partners Tr (NBPTX)
Nicholas Applegate Funds
Glb Tech (NGTIX)
Nicholas Group Funds
Nich Inc (NICSX)
Oak Associate Funds
Pin Oak (POGSX)
Red Oak (ROGSX)
White Oak (WOGSX)
Oakmark Funds
Equity & Inc (OAKBX)
International (OAKIX)
Oakmark Fund(OAKMX)
Oakmark Select (OAKLX)
Oakmark Small Cap (OAKSX)
Oppenheimer Funds A
Cap Inc (OPPEX)
Payden & Rygel Funds
Gr & Inc (PDOGX)
Emg Growth (PBEGX)
Growth (PBHGX)
Sel Eqty (PBHEX)
Tech & Comm (PBTCX)
Total Return (PTRAX)
Price Funds
Equity Income (PRFDX)
Financial Services (PRISX)
Health Sciences (PRHSX)
Mid-Cap Growth (RPMGX)
Mid Cap Val (TRMCX)
Sci and Tech (PRSCX)
Small-Cap Stock (OTCFX)
Total Equity Market Index (POMIX)
Dividend Growth (PRDGX)
Value (TRVLX)
Pro Funds
Prudential Funds A
Emerging Growth A (PEEAX)
Equity A (PBQAX)
Value (PBEAX)
Jennison Growth (PJFAX)
Jennison Growth & Income A (PJIAX)
Natural Resources A (PGNAX)
Pacific Growth (PRPAX)
Small Company (PGOAX)
Technology (PTYAX)
World International Stock A (PISAX)
Prudential Funds B
Nich (NAGBX)
Balanced (PRFCX)
Div Bond (PRDBX)
Emerging Growth B (PEEBX)
Equity (PBQFX)
Value (PBQIX)
Natural Resources (PRGNX)
Government Income (PBGPX)
High Yield (PBHYX)
Jennison (PJFBX)
Jennison Growth & Income B (PJIBX)
Pacific Growth (PRPBX)
Small Cap Quantum (PQVBX)
Small Cap Value (CHNDX)
Utility (PRUTX)
World Fund/Global Series (PRGLX)
Prudential Variable Separate Account
Conservative (VCA-IF)
Small Company (VCA-6)
Prudential Institutional Fund
ActiveBalanced (PABFX)
Stock Index CL I (PDISX)
Jennison Growth CL Z (PJFZX)
US Emerging Growth (PEGZX)
World Fund/ Int. Stock CL Z(PISZX)
Putnam Funds
Growth & Inc (PGIBX)
Health Science (PHLMX)
Health Science A (PHSTX)
Int Growth (POVMX)
New Opp B (PNOBX)
Voyager (PVOBX)
Republic Funds
Equity (REPEX)
Reynolds Funds A
Blue Chip (RBCGX)
Royce Funds
Total Return (RYTRX)
RS Funds
Emerging Growth (RSEGX)
Value and Growth (RSVPX)
Rydex Funds
Biotech (RYOIX)
Nova (RYNVX)
Ursa (RYURX)
Saefco Funds
Equity (SAFQX)
Growth (SAFGX)
Small Co (SFSCX)
Scudder Funds
Great Europe (SCGEX)
Small Co Val (SCSUX)
Schwab Funds
Seligman Funds
Comm & Inf A (SLMCX)
So Gen Funds
Sound Shore (SSHFX)
Strong Funds
Growth & Income (SGRIX)
Inc Growth (SGROX)
Opportunity (SOPFX)
Templeton Funds Cl I
Foreign (TEMFX)
Third Avenue
Value (TAVFX)
Tweedy Funds
American Value (TWEBX)
Global Value (TBGVX)
Transamerica Premier Funds A
Equity Income (TEQUX)
Agg Gr (TPAGX)
Sm Inv (TPSCX)
Van Guard Funds
International Growth (VWIGX)
Growth and Income (VQNPX)
Index Trust 500 (VFINX)
Instl Index (VIIIX)
Inst Indx S (VINIX)
Prime Cap (VPMCX)
Wellington (VWELX)
Windsor II (VWNFX)
World Port US (VWUSX)
Specialized Health (VGHCX)
Tax Mgd G&I (VTGIX)
Tax Free (VCITX)
Total Stk Mkt (VTSMX)
Van Wagoner Funds
Post Vent (VWPVX)
Warburg Pincus Funds
Global Telecommunications (WPGTX)
Weitz Funds
Partners value (WPVLX)

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